makeoverThe Capitol Hill-focused publication ROLL CALL put out a February 12 story titled, “Abortion Rights Group Strives for Youthful Image.”

It led with:

“One of the nation’s most prominent abortion rights groups is working to remake its image in response to concern that it may be overtaken by a growing cadre of young anti-abortion activists.”

This refers to NARAL Pro-Choice America.

NARAL is a political action outfit with that exists to oppose restrictions on abortion and expand access to abortion.

For just a moment we’ll have to step past the supernova glare radiating off the chief reason NARAL needs an image makeover – that being the fact the heart of its mission is advocating for the destruction of lives, born and unborn.

The ROLL CALL piece indicates that pro-abortion forces are worried that their message is going to peter out for good, as it’s not resonating with young people the way they think it should, or at least as pervasively as is the message in favor of life.

Well, again, it should be obvious that if you’re against life, ultimately, eventually, if you’re at all successful in your mission, it follows that your movement will die with you. Birth control and abort yourself out of existence, if you will.

It’s not the only news story out there reporting attempted makeovers on the part of purveyors of abortion.

Over at the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, a decision has been made to back away from use of the term, “pro-choice.”

Not an honest term to begin with, pro-choice.

It denies the fact that the unborn child would certainly choose to live over being killed by abortion in his or her mother’s womb.

So-called “pro-choice,” denies as well the fact that most women abort precisely because they feel they have no choice, or they are given no choice by someone coercing them.

How is that an empowerment of women?

So, but hey, even if ones thinks they are not directly affected by abortion, Planned Parenthood’s multi-billion-dollar budget is largely stacked by the Federal Government reaching in your pocket for tax dollars under the guise of health care, so what’s some massive misrepresented government kick-back among friends?

Dr. Denise Hunnell wrote in the Feb 18 edition of

“You cannot claim to support a woman’s “right to choose” unless you fill in the blank and say what she can choose. In the case of abortion advocacy, the “right to choose” means the right of a woman to choose to kill her unborn child. Who is comfortable supporting that?”

There’s changing and evolving, and then there’s, hmmm, we better repackage the product to smooth things over and keep the revenue coming through the door.

Planned Parenthood has been essentially allowed to get away with what they do, because most people don’t know what they do, either in ending life or siphoning off the government dole to do so.

With the advent of the nefarious Obamacare and other odious government spending running the country further into the ground, more attention is being given to government subsidies.

Oops, Planned Parenthood; might hurt getting the ‘old hand caught in the cookie jar.

NARAL was formerly known as the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, then the National Abortion Rights Action League, and later the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.

Fourth or fifth time’s the charm?

A bunch of changes, but for some reason have to keep that NARAL acronym in effect.

While the abortion industry employs manic roulette, some pro-life people are offering reasons to stop using the term, “pro-life.”

And it isn’t because of the nonsense some liberals put forth and/or buy into that pro-life people are radicals, you know, clinic bombers.

It’s because they want to take back the language by not hedging on the fact that pro-lifers are in fact proudly against abortion, perhaps, if you will, step right over the other big myth that pro-lifers only care about the unborn baby in danger of abortion and not any other assaults on life.

Later in the Truth and Charity Forum piece, Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, explained that, “Anti-drunk driving groups are not pro-sober driver groups. Anti-smoking groups are not pro-clean air groups.”

Followed by Troy Newman of Operation Rescue quoted as well about toughening up the pro-life stance with, “Our movement needs to take the public past the point of being ‘sentimentally pro-life’ to being aggressively against abortion.”

Well, I’m all in favor of taking the gloves off in any fashion that is observant of truth and gets the job done in terms of ceasing the abortion holocaust.

Call yourself what you want, but know who you are, and make no apologies if you’re keeping God at the forefront.

Clearly the abortion business is in some sort of retreat or they wouldn’t be endeavoring to reinvent themselves.

For all of their command of favor in the culture and a firm clasp on the upper hand in a complicit media, abortion supporters can’t win the battle of truth.

If they are in retreat, and I hope they are, now is not the time to downshift.

Rather, work in support of the life issue needs to be ramped up on all fronts.

The sterile culture of death is coming at us from all sides, with euthanasia, children relegated to possessions via in vitro fertilization and frozen embryos, pornography, the well-funded propaganda push for the normalization of homosexual behavior, sex and contraception peddled to our kids at alarmingly younger and younger ages, and people just up and killing others when life becomes too difficult or for they are somehow disturbed and can’t grasp its value.

Not one of those things, though, is snuffing out upwards of 4000 lives a day in this country.

Abortion is.

If part of the pro-life army feels the need to amend the vernacular to pronounce that they, and in fact we all are against abortion, if it’s time to become even tougher in this life and death battle, then so be it.

Photo Credit: Patrick Q via Flickr (CC by 3.0)

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  1. Lisa, you of course are barefoot, pregnant, and stirring soup by the fire, as you assume all women should be.

  2. Bruce- Were I going to respond to your post in kind with a generalization based on uniformed assumptions and faux stereotypes it would be fair game to say you were some sort of neanderthal who doesn’t know the first thing about women and really the real reason any woman is “kept down.” That is not my style. What I will say is that were it my “choice” to be an at-home mom (this would mean pregnant at some point whether donning footwear or not), then what possible problem could there be with that? Do you not find that to be a woman’s valid choice? Nothing I said in the post implies endorsing imposing a lifestyle on other women, rather, I pointed out the fact that abortion takes and otherwise destroys lives and that the abortion industry profits from this. Do you dispute either of those facts? You can try, but good luck with that. I don’t mean you, or anyone, any malice, even those who victimize woman via abortion. If what I said upsets you, I invite you to think some more about why it upset you. Do you really think a woman’s life is made better by her having her unborn child taken from her? No situation warrants the taking of a child’s life. Nothing is made better by this, nor is anything erased by it. God does allow us to figure out where we’ve gone wrong and fix things, in fact he invites us to every day. And this applies to something as horrible as abortion. Would you presume to assert that abortion is anything other than horrible? Good luck selling that as well. I will say too, that pregnancy is not a disease, pregnancy and motherhood are not a jail sentence, motherhood does not ruin or take lives, female or otherwise. Women deserve better than abortion, even if they are not a position to care for their unborn child. I wish better for the women in your life. God bless you Bruce.

  3. Great article, Lisa and spot on. We MUST take back the language and call a spade a spade. It is what it is and the truth, even when it is painful, is what is needed to continue to help people understand what is happening in our culture. Abortion hurts women. Abortion hurts men. Abortion hurts children. The youth of our country are getting this and I think through them we will see an end to the sacrificing of our children.

  4. I happen to know Lisa, personally, that is in a healthy platonic friendship way, Bruce. Have you taken the time to know like her? Obviously Not! Why do you engage in such stereotypes of woman who are pro-life? Lisa is a well educated woman who has worked full time.
    She is not barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. Motherhood and pregnancy are not a disease as some might contend. What bothers me most is that those who are for abortion or ‘women’s reproductive rights’ have already been born. Why deny a right to life when it is given to you? Let us call abortion for what is: it is none other than prejudice, violence, and discrimination in the womb! frrockyf

  5. Lisa, what an excellent piece. Thank-you for writing it. I read Bruce’s comments with amusement. He embarrasses the pro abortion crowd with such a stereotypical response to your intelligent essay. Let’s face it, there’s not much else he could muster in response, since his viewpoint is so indefensible. Look forward to your next piece.

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