Glenn Beck introducing the Common Core State Standards

Glenn Beck yesterday highlighted the Common Core State Standards on his show on The Blaze TV.  His guests were Emmett McGroarty of American Principles Project, Sherena Arrington, a political consultant from Georgia, and two teachers from Utah, David Cox and Christel Swasey.

Beck in his opening remarks gave a wake-up call for those who may be apathetic about the Common Core.  Beck stated that this is the greatest problem facing our nation today.  He said, “this is just the beginning, and all of it is wildly devastating for the health of education in our country.  And it has to be stopped.”

He warned, “It is about to go federal and you have precious little time to stop it in your state.  There is no picking and choosing of parts, this is top down education from the federal government dictating to local schools what they must teach and how they must teach it.”

No student or family will be immune.  Beck noted, “they are going to change the SATs and all of it!  If you are not instructed on Common Core, wait until I show you the math, you won’t be able to go to college.  Good.  Local control is out the window with Common Core, and I have news for you if you are a homeschooler you are going to be required to use Common Core soon.”  Watch his full introduction below:


Here is a segment where they discuss data collection, and that is something that every parent should be concerned about. The Common Core and data collection go hand in hand.


This segment highlights the fuzzy math that the Common Core promotes and how it is degrading our liberty through the process it was implemented


If you’d like to see the whole episode, and I encourage you to watch it, go sign-up for a two-week free trail and look for yesterday’s show (3-14-13).

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