A parent in Corpus Christi, TX was shocked by what her son brought home one afternoon.  Kara Sands said that her son and other 5th Graders at Flour Bluff Intermediate School had watch a video entitled “Remembering 9/11.”  She said she was shown this video, after the fact, was shocked by what she saw.  Sands said, “This appalling video blames our country for the the murders of over 3,000 people.”

She said her son then had to take the quiz pictured below after watching the video:


She met with the school’s administration on March 7th about the video and subsequent quiz.

I met with members of the administration and asked that this video be pulled to which I was told that they would "review" it. The most unsettling part of the meeting was when one of the Flour Bluff school administrators informed me that she didn’t see any problem with the video because she also believes that our "bad decisions" resulted in our country being attacked.

The Flour Bluff Independent School District is one of many Texas school districts that are utilizing a controversial curriculum called CSCOPE.  Recently another Texas school, Lumberton High School, also using CSCOPE had a picture surface of students wearing burqas back in early February:


CSCOPE denied that this was part of their curriculum.  The Lumberton Independent School District issued a statement saying it was a locally developed lesson that was informed by the World Geography TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) that is prescribed by the state of Texas.

"Culture. The student understands the distribution, patterns, and characteristics of different cultures." The student is expected to:

(A) describe and compare patterns of culture such as language, religion, land use, education, and customs that make specific regions of the world distinctive;

(B) describe major world religions, including animism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism, and their spatial distribution;

(C) compare economic, political, or social opportunities in different cultures for women, ethnic and religious minorities, and other underrepresented populations; and

(D) evaluate the experiences and contributions of diverse groups to multicultural societies."

Are there other ways to accomplish this than having students wear burqas?  I’d think so.  Regardless as to whether or not these particular lessons came from CSCOPE, they are under fire for presenting anti-Christian lessons.  While most people understand that public schools via several Supreme Court rulings are not to promote religion they should at least be neutral.

This doesn’t seem to be the case.  Texas parents should ask why students are being indoctrinated rather than educated in their public schools.

Update: Kara messaged me to say she was on a local radio station with conservative talk show host, Eric Von Wade, and was able to better explain the video.  I’ll provide a link once that is available.

Also here is an informative op/ed published in The Daily Caller on CSCOPE.

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