Gay rights rally at Massachusetts State HouseIn the years that I have been defending marriage I have heard assurances from gay activists and others that if the definition of marriage is changed religious conservatives, and in particular evangelicals, don’t need to worry about religious liberty.   I’ve always felt like that assertion was a bunch of bunk.  I’ve pointed out, for instance, religious liberty in Canada has been degraded when the definition of marriage has changed.  Not only that anywhere where gay rights have been advanced religious liberty is in decline.

I’m not surprised and actually would be surprised in our current client if Christians did not receive any persecution.  Jesus promises that we’ll endure persecution, (John 15:18-21).  That is actually an ongoing theme in the New Testament.  The Apostle Paul warned that “all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted,” (2 Timothy 3:12, ESV).  Frankly I’d be concerned if we were not experiencing this.

Does this mean we don’t stand up for religious liberty?  No while we live in a constitutional republic standing up to protect our inalienable rights is part of being a citizen.  That said we need to recognize we have an uphill climb, and it is one that can only be done through revival, prayer and evangelism.

Politics won’t solve the problem, it never could.  Impacting culture is a matter of changing hearts and minds and that is something no piece of legislation or any court ruling can accomplish.

But Jesus calls us the “salt of the world,” (Matthew 5:13) and part of that role is one of preserving culture as salt would act to preserve meat from decay.  So stand we must and in the meantime expect resistance whenever we hold forth a biblical worldview like what we’ve seen just in the last few days:

If we looked further into the past we could cite more examples.  Those who claim that advancing gay rights and changing the definition of marriage won’t erode religious liberty are just being disingenuous or are just naïve.

Photo Credit: Chris Walton via Flickr (CC-By-NC 2.0)

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  1. You must understand that we as Christians are not at all Biblicaly called to fight for and or against civil liberty’s and or justice, ours as Christians or others.

    We as Christians as The Church should never in the very fist place ever have imbedded and or involved ourselves within the government through tax exempt status giving the government power and control over The Church as we find today. “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE”.

    Why should we be concerned if a gay man chooses to marry within the government which has nothing to do with The True Church and Body of Christ which will not be recognized or ordained by God or His church in the very first place making it totally meaningless in the eyes of God.

    We should not at all be concerned about how there sins effect us rather how they effect them and how we can save them from there sins by introducing them to Jesus.

    It has to be pathetic to God to watch Christians fighting against sin in such a way stating there concerns about how others sins will effect there lives as opposed to the very opposite of being concerned for there salvation in LOVE.

    What about witchcraft such as Walt Disney which Americans have supported from the very beginning when Walt founded Fantasia which is just as much of an evil within America as well as heterosexual fornication and sexual immorality.

    Covetousness, greed, and idolatry which is the foundation of The American Dream which probably 90% of the supposed Christians that are fighting against gay marriage are themselves bound to Hell themselves for along with all the gays they are fighting against and condemning and condemnation is a sin within itself and comes from an evil heart which can and will also put you in Hell.

    All of Washington D.C. is built on Paganism which you are fighting for with your political stance in and for the governments of America which Christ must appall.

    Anyway much food for thought.

    I suggest you repent yourselves and “Come out of her My people”

    The Bible teaches us the exact opposite of what you are attempting to accomplish rather teaches us to love and save sinners into The Body of Christ which has nothing to do with attempting to form a perfect government or even a supposed good one with in this world.

    The Bible forewarns these things will happen and it will only get much, much, worse. You are fighting a losing battle against flesh and blood which has absolutely nothing to do with being a Christian as either does your marriage to the state if you are in one that was ordained by the government and performed by a licensed pastor by The Government and a church that has placed itself within the government through tax status of any nature.

    This is Bible 101.

    1. we do have to care about their sins. we have to help them free themselves from sin. It is our duty to share the Gospel.

  2. Religious liberty is a two-way street. How can you quash the freedom of people with no religious issues against same-sex marriage in the name of your religious freedom?

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