I attended the 2013 Republican Party of Iowa Lincoln Dinner in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Senator Chuck Grassley during his remarks discussed his opposition to the Common Core State Standards.  I had a chance to speak with him about it after the dinner.


Senator Grassley recently spearheaded an effort to defund the Common Core State Standards, their assessments and a federal review board looking at the Smarter Balanced and PARCC assessments that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

During a brief interview with Congressman Steve King (R-IA) we discussed the Common Core State Standards and whether he’s aware of any ongoing action within the House.

  1. I just started doing som research on this common core thing and let me tell you, with four kids in public school….it makes me want to homeschool. Our senators and reps need to know we support their efforts to stop this disgrace! It’s being sold as a wonderful fix to our failing system, but look into it yourself and see it will be used to track our kids and then label them throughout their career.

  2. I have done a lot of research on common core. Making sure our children are ready for college and the workforce is a worthy goal. It is not funded by Race to the Top and never was. It was developed by educators with an enormous amount of input (over 10,000 comments on the CCSS webpage alone. It is about giving our kids a meaningful education that will prepare them for the world they will enter. It is voluntary! It began in 2007 as a grassroots efforts to make school and learning better for children. Please, if you do research, look at all the facts.

    1. Jim.. I’ve done plenty of research and have been writing about this for the last two years. You are right, Race to the Top didn’t fund the implementation of the Common Core. It pushed it along as you had to agree to implement it if you wanted to qualify for a Race to the Top grant or later on a No Child Left Behind waiver.

      Regarding your comment about 10,000 comments on the Common Core – please include a link. If it was so well publicized why is it I’m finding parents, community leaders and state legislators either didn’t know about the Common Core or just recently found out. Sorry with a educational policy change this large that is simply unacceptable.

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