donald trumpThe FAMiLY Leader announced on Saturday that Donald Trump would be joining Rick Santorum as confirmed speakers for the The FAMiLY Leadership Summit on August 10th.  The purpose of the Summit according according to The FAMiLY Leader “is to educate and mobilize the conservative base regarding worldview application and issues that impact the family.”

In their press release they also say that the Summit “will provide Iowans the opportunity to hear top conservative national leaders, gathered in one place, cast their leadership vision.”

So if this is the purpose for the Summit should Donald Trump be speaking there?  Bob Vander Plaats, the President & CEO of The FAMiLY Leader gave a statement regarding the news.  He said,  “We are thrilled to confirm Mr. Trump as a featured speaker at our Leadership Summit.  Mr. Trump is internationally known and respected for his leadership.  His boldness and clarity on the fiscal issues threatening America’s families will educate our audience.  His solutions to ‘righting the ship’ regarding international trade and, especially, our relationship with China will inspire all attendees.  The fact that he has chosen our Summit for his inaugural appearance to Iowa is an honor.”

Ok.  The emphasis for his involvement is on fiscal issues.  I just hope Mr. Trump can refrain from dropping an F-Bombs during his speech.  We’ll also have to disregard his marital past, not to mention his inability to keep his word and liberal positions on a variety of issues.

When Trump was scheduled to speak at the Iowa GOP’s Lincoln Dinner back on June 10th, 2011 – his original inaugural event in Iowa I wondered: how will social conservatives respond to this invitation?  We never did get the chance to find out since Trump ditched.  Then Iowa GOP Chair Matt Strawn responded, “In Iowa, your word is your bond. We are disappointed that Mr. Trump has chosen not to honor his commitment to Iowa Republicans.”

I think its safe to say that Mr. Trump’s word doesn’t mean a whole lot.

I didn’t know much about where he stood on issues at the time of the Iowa GOP invitation.  I know more now.

One would think with an event whose tagline is “leading with principle over politics” The FAMiLY Leader would only invite speakers who have principles.  After I did some research on Mr. Trump a couple of years ago it seems to me that he lacks them.

Let’s see he’s pro-choice, he was for a progressive tax on the rich, he supports a thought police, and he supported universal health care.  He has also been a sugar daddy for liberal candidates.  Not exactly the type of speaker you’d expect for a family values summit.

I sincerely hope that The FAMiLY Leader would rethink this, but since the invitation has been sent and accepted it’s probably too late.

Update: While writing this post the Des Moines Register reports that Senator Ted Cruz and his dad will join the line-up of speakers.  I never received the press release.

Photo credit: Gage Skimore via Flickr (CC-By-SA 2.0)

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