NewPP300Planned Parenthood left out some key details when they recently announced to the media their new location at 818-5th Avenue in downtown Des Moines.

First, Planned Parenthood told the media that the new location is for “treatment for colds and the flu, sore throats and ear-aches” (Associated Press 3/2/13).  Planned Parenthood spokesperson Shelby Cloke said abortions will not be performed there. But on Planned Parenthood’s website, first on its list of services for the new so-called “my Health Express” center is, “Abortion Referral.”

If you click on the link for “Service Details” for the new location, the first thing it tells you is, “Abortion services by appointment only.”  Then there is information on the morning-after pill and how to get other forms of birth control. Planned Parenthood’s website says nothing about “Treatment for colds and the flu, sore throats and ear-aches” for the new 818-5th Avenue location.

Planned Parenthood’s rebranding of the new location as, “My Health Express,” is fooling no one.  As much as Planned Parenthood tries to disguise themselves as “family practice,” their number one money makers are abortion and contraception.

Last year Planned Parenthood of the Heartland aborted 5,828 babies more than adoptions they helped facilitate.

Second, Planned Parenthood never mentioned to the media they will be in the same building as the Young Women’s Resource Center, which serves girls as young as 10. This is more evidence that Planned Parenthood is targeting children—not for colds and flu, but for its core business of birth control and abortion.

The new Planned Parenthood location on 5th Avenue is strategic—across from Vets Auditorium and a block away from Wells Fargo Arena, where they will try to snare young people coming in for state basketball and wrestling tournaments and other events.

This “bait and switch” is typical of Planned Parenthood.

When the Susan Knapp Planned Parenthood opened in the Drake University neighborhood back in 2007, Planned Parenthood’s CEO Jill June crowed about how they would be offering prenatal care, “We’re pleased to be able to expand our prenatal programs to families in this part of Des Moines. This added dimension demonstrates Planned Parenthood’s strong commitment to increasing health care delivery and supporting healthy families,” said June.

Strong commitment?  After the media cameras stopped rolling, the Susan Knapp Planned Parenthood quietly switched to abortions by webcam. Prenatal care is not listed among their services. (See IRTL News, October 2011: “Prepare for Bait and Switch with New Planned Parenthoods in Iowa.”)

Make no mistake.  Planned Parenthood is about abortion—not health care.

  1. “Planned Parenthood’s rebranding of the new location as, “My Health Express,” is fooling no one.”

    Unfortunately, many women will, in fact, be fooled by this overt branding designed to do just that.

  2. Actually, I do go to PP for colds and flu. Really. And I am laughing at the thought of PP staffers “snaring” kids on their way to volleyball tournaments. This commentary is so full of vitriol and twisted conspiracy theory tinfoil-hat nonsense.

    1. Take a red pen to this website to correct all the misconceptions, skewed writing and outright lies and you will no longer see the screen, Pam. As a former PP employee, I know for a fact most of this website is complete bologna.

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