If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately.-Benjamin Franklin (attr)

Gay Rights activists have declared war on Orson Scott Card. The legendary Sci Fi author was set to write the first issue of the new Adventures of Superman Digital Comic series from DC until Gay Rights groups put pressure on and the artist quit and DC is still waiting to assign another artist.

Now, they’re coming after him on Ender’s Game  trying to launch a boycott to derail the project: All because of Mr. Card’s views on same sex marriage.

For my part, I really had no intention of going to see Ender’s Game in theaters, but the boycott changes that. If the movie’s decent, I intend to go and see it. If it’s awful, unless I’m in a financial crunch come November, I intend to buy a ticket without actually going. The intimidation must stop.

The story in Ender’s Game has nothing to do with homosexuality or gay rights. What this is about is a witch hunt to punish Mr. Card for his personal political and religious views.  It’s an effort to ruin his career.  And those who support traditional values should support Mr. Card and oppose this bullying campaign against.

I imagine if I mattered enough for Bill Keller to attack me, I suppose he would attack this statement as he did that of those who have shown support for Glenn Beck due to the fact that Card is a member of the LDS Church.

For me, the attacks on Card hit close to home. I’m a writer of fiction. My focus is life is lifting up biblical values and truth, while entertaining.  I fear a culture where we’ve given gay rights groups the power to blacklist people. No Christians who holds to traditional values would have any chance to influence the culture unless they make their faith a better kept secret than the ingredients in McDonald’s secret sauce.

Enough is enough.  The efforts of these bullies must be stopped.

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