With forty-five states adopting the Common Core State Standards this is arguably the biggest shift we’ve had in education policy in decades, and most Americans never heard of them. The Washington Post reports:

The disconnect between policymakers and the public is among the key findings of a PDK-Gallup poll that was the 45th annual effort to measure Americans’ views on key education issues.

The poll found that two in three people had not heard of the Common Core, which has been fully adopted in 45 states and the District. The new rigorous standards emphasize critical thinking and problem solving and are meant to better prepare students for success.

Of those who did recognize the term, most had major misconceptions about the standards and believed that they will have no effect or will make American students less competitive with their peers across the world.

First off you can tell where Emma Brown, the article’s author, stands.  I feel like vomiting every time I hear or read the word “rigor” and then of course we bring up “misconceptions.”

Secondly, what misconceptions does the third of Americans surveyed have you may ask?

Of those Americans who had heard of the Common Core, many said — erroneously — that the standards are based on a blending of state standards, that the federal government is insisting that all states adopt the standards, and that there is a plan to create standards in all academic areas.

Of course Gallup-PDK don’t share what questions they asked to come to that conclusion.  I agree that these are misconceptions to a point.  The Federal government has enticed (at best) or coerced (at worse) states to join in.  They’ve certainly thrown enough money at it.  The “misconception” that there is a “plan to create standards in all academic areas” is not a misconception at all.  What do they think the Next Generation Science Standards and C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards are?

Third, Brown is right there is a definite disconnect.  Those who claim this process was transparent need to be able to explain why 2/3 of those surveyed never heard of the Common Core.  I understand there are low-information people out there, but if we had the vigorous debate at the state level within our state legislatures like we should have before adoption perhaps things would be different.

Then  there is all the time and effort put into standards that most Americans believe won’t do a lick of good.  They’re right to be skeptical since there isn’t any solid, independent data to indicate that they will.

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  1. Wow. No wonder all the parents I speak to look like they’ve never heard of it. Cuz they haven’t!

      1. I wish I was me and could take credit, I just use that great resource all the time! Even tonight when I sit in with Gov Snyder on channel 8 from 7:00-8:00pm.

  2. They keep touting the “45 states” that have ushered in this madness. They leave out 2 important points: 1) most states did it for the extra federal funds BEFORE the criteria was set forth and 2) how many states have since abandoned that endorsements. Talk about not erronous statements! Hey lady – where do your kids go to school???????

  3. Great article but you have a grammatical error…”they’ve certainly through enough money at it” should read “threw.” Sorry to point this out, just can’t help it. 🙂

  4. I am AMAZED how no one seems to know or care about Common Core and the facts behind it!! People seem asleep out here in California for the most part. I am glad to see other states fighting back – I don’t feel very optimistic for California!!

  5. Common Core is uncommon in many people’s minds because it was designed to be implemented that way. In similar fashion to ObamaCare pass it then read it, and the various UN treaties and Executive Orders created to go under the awareness of the public perception. There was ample money to mount a huge PR campaign but they elected to do their typical leftist stealth thing. Gates and Obama teaming up against the Republic and parents for control of what input goes into our children’s minds. Elitist taking over our educational system without a Congressional vote. Impeachable.

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