303377_10150664552413860_1413352097_nI had the privilege of attending RightOnline last year in Las Vegas, NV.  I enjoyed last year’s event featuring Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin, and I am looking forward to heading down to Orlando next week for RightOnline 2013 being held on August 29th-31st.

The RightOnline Conference brings top new media, technology, and messaging experts together with hundreds of committed citizen activists to provide important leadership and grassroots training, offering tools and inspiration to more effectively impact public policy in favor of limited government and free enterprise. The agenda provides a solid program of workshops and training seminars on new media strategies and tools that can be used to mobilize and advance free market policies.

Since 2008 RightOnline has become a premier new media/grassroots training event organized by Americans for Prosperity Foundation.  Looking at this agenda for next week’s conference it looks like it’ll keep the tradition going.

Thursday, August 29th
Early Arrival Parties occur this evening; join us if you’re in town!

Friday, August 30th
8:45 – 9:45 | Breakout Session
The Left’s Plan for America
Facilitated by John Cooney (AFP Foundation – Minnesota)
Featuring Francesca Chambers, Michael Moreney, & Patrick Ruffini

10:00-11:00 | Opening General Session
Featuring Dr. Arthur Brooks, Soren Dayton & Patrick Ruffini

11:15-12:15 | Policy Breakout Sessions
I’ll Take One of Everything: Spending Programs Government Can’t Resist
Facilitated by Derrick Sontag (AFP Foundation)
Featuring Daniel Garza, Andrew Moylan, & Representative Joe Walsh

Talking Shop on Workplace Freedom
Facilitated by Scott Hagerstrom (AFP Foundation – Michigan)
Featuring Terry Bowman, Comptroller Susan Combs, James Sherk, & F. Vincent Vernuccio

Out of Bandwidth? Internet Freedom in the Market Place
Facilitated by Nansen Malin (AFP Foundation – Washington)
Featuring Katie McAuliffe, John Stephenson, & Berin Szoka

Cronyism: Connecting the Dots
Facilitated by Slade O’Brien (AFP Foundation – Florida)
Featuring Dan Krassner, Anthony Randazzo, & Todd Rehm

12:15-1:45 | Networking Lunch (Provided with your registration)

1:45-4:00 | Breakout Sessions & Hands-On Workshops
Looking through the Lens: Videography & Photography Workshop
Facilitated by David Spady (AFP Foundation – California)
Featuring Sean Malone & Bev Zaslow

Tricked Out Tech: Data Visualization
Facilitated by David From (AFP Foundation – Illinois)
Featuring Jason Bewley

From Story to Experience: Messaging that Moves
Facilitated by Chris Fink (AFP Foundation)
Featuring Clay Broga & Patrick Reasonover

I Can Haz Graphics
Facilitated by Tommy Downs (AFP Foundation)
Featuring Andrew Clark & John Meyer

4:00-7:30 | Conference Break (Enjoy dinner with friends at one of the many restaurants onsite)

7:30-9:00 | Awards Ceremony (Marvel Super Hero Island®)
Featuring Michelle Malkin. Doors open at 7:00.
9:00-11:30 | Party in the Park (Marvel Super Hero Island®)
Join us for rides, music, networking, & more! (Provided with your registration)

Saturday, August 31st
8:45 – 9:45 | Breakout Sessions
Data Hacking 101
Facilitated by Mark Lucas (AFP Foundation – Iowa)
Featuring Jay Godfrey

Clicktivism: Fighting the Battle Online
Facilitated by Teresa Oelke (AFP Foundation)
Featuring Chad Barth, Michelle Malkin, & Jason Putorti

10:00-11:00 | Breakout Sessions
Pro Analytics: Maneuvering for Success
Facilitated by Joe Montes (AFP Foundation – New Mexico)
Featuring Ethan Eilon & Joe Mansour

Slander, Libel & Copyright Infringement: How to Stay Out of Trouble
Facilitated by Steve Mariella (AFP Foundation)
Featuring Chris Berg, Josh Blackman, & Bennett Kelley

10:00-12:15 | Hands-On Workshops
Tools of the Trade: Mobilizing Tech
Facilitated by Slade O’Brien (AFP Foundation – Florida)
Featuring Andrew Clark

Building Your Clout: Upping Your Social Media Impact
Facilitated by Nansen Malin (AFP Foundation – Washington)
Featuring Stephanie Fontenot, Katie Harbath, & Sara Mueller

11:15-12:15 | Breakout Sessions
Lean Startup & Growth Hacking: Revolutionize Your Business Model
Facilitated by Patrick Werner (AFP Foundation – Missouri)
Featuring David Binetti

Mining for Treasure: Finding Interesting Data
Facilitated by Carol Weston (AFP Foundation – Maine)
Featuring Jack Furnari & Erin Haust

12:30-1:30 | Working Lunch Sessions (Provided with your registration)
Innovative Solutions: Creating, Testing & Funding New Products
Facilitated by J.R. Romano (AFP Foundation – Connecticut)
Featuring Jason Putorti

Consistency Counts: Social & Website Brand Synergy
Facilitated by Tommy Downs (AFP Foundation)
Featuring Patrick Hynes & Jack Patterson

Pass the Gatekeeper: How to Get Published
Facilitated by Greg Moore (AFP Foundation – New Hampshire)
Featuring Mike Opelka & Derek Pillie

2:00-4:00 | Closing General Session
Join with attendees of the Defending the American Dream Summit for the conference’s closing session
Featuring Senator Ted Cruz, Greg Gutfeld, Senator Ron Johnson, & Bill Whittle
Ride the RightOnline Shuttle to the Loews Royal Pacific Resort

If you haven’t already you can register here.  If you’re going to be in Orlando I’d love to meet you (I’ll arrive on 8/29).  You can tweet at me at @shanevanderhart or email me at [email protected].  See you in Florida!

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