david-young(Des Moines, IA) Yesterday, David Young, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and former chief of staff to Senator Chuck Grassley, released his outline for better federal budgeting.

“Thanks to years of out of control deficit spending, our national debt has ballooned to $17 trillion; that should be criminal,” said David Young. “Implementing common sense solutions, like my Better Budget Principles, will bring a new level of fiscal responsibility and accountability to the federal government and protect taxpayer dollars.”
David’s Better Budget Principles

  • Zero Based Budgeting—Rather than simply giving agencies their previous year’s budget plus a regular increase, zero based budgeting will force every department to appear before Congress and justify the funds they are requesting.
  • Sunset Legislation—Federal laws and regulations have no end. Attaching a sunset clause will require regulations and programs to be debated regularly by Congress, ensuring their relevance and efficiency and saving taxpayer dollars.
  • Full Federal Audit—Iowans deserve to know where their tax dollars are going. Every agency and program must be subject to public audit, increasing transparency and trust, while curbing costs from waste, fraud and abuse.
  • Generational Accounting—Currently, the Congressional Budget Office only looks at the 10-year impact of legislation, allowing costly and fiscally irresponsible policy, like Obamacare, to slip through. Generational accounting will require Congress to be presented with the long-term impact of legislation on future generations before it’s brought to vote.
  • Flatter, Fairer, Simpler—The current code is 73,000 pages, that is unacceptable. America needs a fairer, flatter and simpler, pro-growth tax code that is permanent and allows families to keep more of their hard earned money and businesses to be competitive and grow.
  • Balanced Budget Amendment—Thanks to years of deficit spending from both sides of the aisle, the national debt is $17 trillion, and still growing. 49 states require a balanced budget – it’s time Iowans demand the same of Washington D.C.
  • Full Repeal of Obamacare—Drafted in haste, passed in the dark, and falling apart before the president’s eyes, we need to defund, delay, repeal and rip out Obamacare once and for all, and replace it with free market principles that drive down costs and preserve the high quality of American medicine.

David Young Is a Republican from Van Meter and former chief of staff for Senator Chuck Grassley, vying for the open U.S. Senate seat of retiring Senator Tom Harkin. For more information on David or to receive campaign updates, visit www.YoungforIowa.com.

Photo credit: Young for Iowa Facebook Page

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