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(Orlando, FL) The Common Core State Standards was not an announced topic at American for Prosperity Foundation’s RightOnline Conference and Defending the American Dream Summit in Orlando, but it did come up.  Michelle Malkin mentioned it in her speech on Friday night during a joint session.  Republican Florida Governor Rick Scott was actually heckled on Friday afternoon during his speech become of his support for it.  Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) was praised by conservative activists for his opposition of the Common Core even though he found himself being booed because of his position on immigration reform.

When Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) mentioned Common Core loud boos sounded throughout the room during the ending session.  Cruz, who has stated opposition to the Common Core, said that “the President and Congress need to listen to the people on Common Core.”

Saturday afternoon, Michelle Malkin, a conservative syndicated columnist and Fox News Contributor, warned that Governor Scott and other Republican governors need to listen to the people.

“Listen to the grassroots.  Don’t make the mistake of dismissing voices of all of these entirely dissatisfied parents who are heck of a lot more informed than you are and your staffs are about the Fed Ed corruption,”  Malkin told Caffeinated Thoughts.  “I understand that a lot of these Republicans think they are doing what is in their self interest, but they are so psychologically deluded.  I think in part it may as crass and craven as listening to donors.  You have got all of these big businesses… that’s what driving this.  So if they are listening to money then the only way to combat that is with political force.”

Watch the entire video below:

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  1. Thanks Michelle! I just had a meeting w/my sons school about CC Math last week. He’s been homeschooled till now, and my husband insisted he enroll, THIS yr of all years… Ugh. But I’m not taking their “trust us” as being good enough. I went in armed, informed, and dangerous. I fought tooth and nail, I had stats, I had statistics, I had articles and readings and everything. I may have to tolerate it, but it won’t be lying down. They were shocked and didn’t know how to respond. When she took her snarky “well you could always homeschool him again” attitude I was quick to inform her that “believe me, that option is ALWAYS on the table.” But I feel like a lone wolf fighting a losing battle. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. The origins of Common Core is based upon the belief that schools across the country lack rigorous standards, thus more rigor will improve the skills and knowledge of students. What Common Core also ignores is the long understood process of acquiring language. Before a student can do well on a state test, meet the standards of Common Core, earn a high school diploma, get into college, graduate college, or get a job, they must acquire the English language.

  3. I keep saying, READ (or reread) “1984” and “Brave New World”. . . .then, read “Brave New Schools” by Berit Kjos and you will understand what is going on. I’ve observed it from the classroom for over 25 years. . . .

    1. You are SO right. I am a college professor now teaching in the only school in the country that accepts silver for tuition and graduates students debt free on principle. For years I taught in other places. For a long time I taught those two novels, especially 1984. I saw the political ramifications and knew that I was grasping at the edge of something I hadn’t quite articulated. Then I read a thin little book titled Confrontational Politics, and it all fell into place. That book, and my experience as a Continental Congress Delegate 2009 changed my life. I no longer teach public school or college. Instead I fight them. I give speeches on American Education. My goal–which most likely won’t be realized in my lifetime is to PRIVATIZE THE SCHOOLS.. Give each community or county–or however big it needs to be to have enough to pay the teachers–their own schools. Get the state and federal government OUT and let schools compete for the best kids. Our nation had much better educated people when all we had was one room schools. I’m not suggesting go back to that. But the behemoth educationist system designed to do nothing but make money for the elite MUST go and our kids must get the education they deserve. If all conservatives took their kids OUT of public school and either homeschooled or put them in good private schools–ones that don’t use common core or even the current text books–we could save our country.

      1. Its more than a bit ironic that one would whine that public education is “designed to do nothing but make money for the elite” while also stating one’s goal is to “PRIVATIZE THE SCHOOLS”.
        I’m with you that we need to remove the Feds from local schools, and to a lesser extent the State level. We still need standards and a national regime to measure student achievement, but NCLB needs to be repealed. Who in the heck thought NCLB was a good idea? lol

  4. I am a teacher in Illinois. I hate Common Core. What can be done? They tell us we have NO money. I teach first grade. Our classes are too big (27), they took away our Aides, no workbooks this year, and are wanting to mainstream special ed. students. This is so unfair to the teacher and students as well. The goal is to take away our tenure and make part of our evaluation be how well the students do academically. I agree to an extent, but SUPPORT us with smaller class sizes, more help and more materials then! It is getting worse each year! I hear this everyday and teachers are angry.but no one listens to US…the ones doing the ACTUAL teaching! Anyone who thinks that class size does not matter has NEVER tried to teach 27 little first graders all day long and all week long. Please tell us what can be done. We need help and we need to know that someone cares about us. I’m very concerned! Is all of our money GONE because of Common Core training etc?

    1. Obama hates our youth. His end goal is a socialist regime. I both applaud your service as a teacher & I pity you also. Being forced to manipulate the minds of our young & push this radical socialist ideology is wrong on so many levels. You need workbooks, Obama needs $100 million dollar vacation. Teach this, Barack Obama is the worst president we have ever had, EVER. If you think it’s bad now, wait.. Hope we take our country back in time.

    2. In first grade, about 1954, my teacher had about 20-25 students. No aides. We LEARNED because our parents cared. My parents, at least, even while my father was serving as an officer in the Army, INSISTED that we do our homework BEFORE any TV (we had Mickey Mouse and Hardy Boys), and BEFORE we could go outside to play after school. We had NO cell phones, no tweeters, no knowledge of “sex”, and we enjoyed being children. The dumb asses in Congress are COMPLETELY responsible (including every one who did not stand against Common Core, but remained silent), and have been for 40 years, for the deterioration of this nation. They should all be held accountable. In 18th century France, as a warning, many of such similar idiots were guillotined for crimes against man. That revolution was abhorred by OUR revolutionaries, specifically Jefferson, who had until then championed “mob rule” (though he didn’t call it that). Look around the world and that is the “rule of law” today: MOB RULE. From Chicago to the White House to the Congress, with threats of same in the US Spineless Court [better known as SCOTUS – not to be confused with a body part on men].

  5. Jeb Bush and Race to the bottom!! CC is one more way to pimp our best students in favor of standardizing everything. Fight it, keep writing the ‘powers to be’ at the State level and consider homeschooling to avoid losing your kids!

  6. Nice. You could remove the words “Common Core” from your comment and replace them with any other issue you choose, and it would apply just as equally. In other words, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.
    Oh, and I agree the Feds should back off and stop leveraging CC on the states. As to state governors, its money vs. voters. Voters don’t stand a chance.

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