Dear Senator McCain,

I voted for you in 2008. And today, I deeply regret that vote.

Have you ready anything Iran prints in their own newspapers? Have you heard any Putin speech to his own people in the last 3 years? Are you unaware of the ideology and non-western thinking that drives our enemies like al Qaeda? Are you aware of the measures the Israeli’s are currently taking to protect their citizens from the impending conflict? And if this information is available to an informed citizen like me, it’s also available to someone like you…. And I’m fairly confident that all your special “Classified” information doesn’t say anything much different, even if it might have more details or raw information.

The way I see it, the war in Syria is stacking up a little something like this:

US – Saudi Arabia – Syrian Rebels (al Qaeda groups, unrelated 3rd parties, and some Syrian Citizens)

Vs.  Russia – Iran – The Syrian Government

And those are just the major players. It’s not about Assad. It’s not even about the chemical weapons attack, which by the way, daily looks more and more likely it was NOT the Syrian government. (Doesn’t that undermine the entire basis for military strikes?) In fact, there aren’t even important US interests at stake here, but plenty for us to lose. The entangling alliances now lined up around what was the Syrian civil war has the potential to devolve into a world war that will make World War I look like a playground fist fight. Stay out! Keep the United States away!

So, please, Senator, give the country your best service yet. First, stop calling yourself a Conservative. You don’t represent me or anyone I know who are actual conservatives. And second, step down from public office. Because from where I vote, you and those around you appear so blinded by money and power and too many years of public “service” to see what’s plainly visible to those of us out here in the real world outside Washington DC.

The US isn’t strong enough anymore–militarily or economically–to go against a coalition that includes Russia, Iran, and most likely, Chinese resources. The American people can see this plainly. Don’t you think our enemies know this?


An Iowan Voter

Photo credit: Wigwam Jones via Flickr (CC-By-NC-ND 2.0)

  1. Good article Anita. I don’t know if I agree that we are not militarily strong enough to engage in the fight, but I do agree we are not economically strong enough and that it just wouldn’t be wise.

  2. “nothing in politics happpens by accident, for if it does, you’d better believe it was planned that way” – FDR.
    Apparently McCain has that dreaded disease called Senioritis. Back in June this administration said it would provide Syria’s rebels with military support after it determined that the regime had used chemical weapons. That came after months of indecision by Obama whom IT SAID Assad’s forces had crossed a “red line” by using nerve gas .. 12 times thus far. Yet today those “small arms” weapons pledged to help Syrian Free Frces HAVE YET TO APPEAR from the U.S. and maybe that’s because the attack on the Bengahzi cousulate, was the covert operations center for the “gun running” of weapons to the rebels in 2012… by way of Al-Qaeda in Lybia!
    It is also widley known that the “rebel” faction had taken control over a Chemical weapons cache months ago. It was the headquarters of ‘Brigade 38’ and with it a major weapons cache, including chemicals. It is also known that Al-Qaeda has no love for life only martyrdom, so why would we be suprised if they used them on their own muslim citizens to get THEIR desired result. This is a end justifies the means senerio.
    At a inconverted Turkish military garrison in Antakya, Hatay Province, which is a command center and headquarters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and their foreign sponsors, very senior opposition commanders arrived from Istanbul and briefed the regional commanders of an imminent escalation in the fighting due to “a war-changing development” which would, in turn, lead to a U.S.-led bombing of Syria. Why is this not mentioned by the press? Even the Saudi’s said they would PAY THE SALARIES of the “Free Syria Army” in order to encourage mass military defections and increase pressure on Bashar al-Assad. The Guardian of London reported this back in June 2012 with the approval of senior US officials. Now even oil rich Qatar has backed the Doha backed Muslim Brotherhood, a “rebel” faction.
    So today something stinks like a dead rat from Obama but why? Are we to believe the same Obama who told us that our Ambassador was killed because of a You Tube video? Hell NO. Do you own investigative journalism and connect the dots of an Evil manipulation for political gain. War always benefits cronyism and corruption at the highest levels of government. Nothing is by accident.

  3. 1. You’d vote for McCain again in a second. You no doubt held your nose last time you did it, but don’t pretend NOW you’re principled in a way that you wouldn’t vote for a RINO.
    2. You’re flat wrong- the evidence is pointing more and more every day to the Syrian government being the ones who used the chemical weapons. I’m curious, where did you receive the misinformation otherwise?
    3. Seriously? The US is not strong enough? How does a real Conservative get a point of hating America this way?

  4. Neocons like him are not going to drive our country to any good place. Throw them out. Our country has many, many challenges right now, with healthcare battles and burgeoning debt to grapple with. To become militarily involved anywhere but an immediate border defense situation is simply folly. I was reading the responses on to McCain’s “reply” to Putin’s pretty damned good letter (I am a conservative mind you) and just mortified that he’d written that. Makes us look like idiots for having him in any position of prominence.

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