ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI—Say it ain’t so!  We have heard about this for years, read some articles written a long time ago.  We have clutched our Thin Mints™ and our Peanut Butter Patties™ and closed our eyes and said, “We won’t believe it until we have more proof.”

Now a little soccer mom from St. Louis has done the work for us.  She has proof.  The Girl Scouts are linked to Planned Parenthood, the United Nations’ abortion agenda and a lot of other really bad stuff.

Ann Saladin’s three daughters first received an invitation to join the Girl Scouts from a parish school. One daughter was in Girl Scouts for three years, “It was a great experience,” said Saladin.

But Saladin pulled her daughters out of Girl Scouts, after discovering both financial and curriculum ties to organizations that promote abortion.

Here is how it works.  Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA) is a member of WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts).  There are 145 WAGGGS organizations around the world and Girl Scouts is the largest member organization. GSUSA has a fiduciary relationship with WAGGGS. GSUSA pays money into WAGGGS. In 2007, for instance, the Girl Scouts USA made a $1.8 million payment to WAGGGS.

Never heard of WAGGGS?  You should get to know them.  Their website is.

WAGGGS invites Girl Scout councils and girls to be delegates to lobby for “sexual and reproductive rights” at United Nations events such as:

  • The Commission on the Status of Women
  • UN Climate Change Conference (the message here is sexual and reproductive rights play an important part in climate change.)
  • UN Global Youth Forum
  • Global Youth Forum sounds harmless enough…but this is no World Youth Day. The Outcome Document from the 2013 Global Youth Forum, held in Bali, calls for:
  • Abortion on demand
  • Contraception
  • Sexual rights for all young people  regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Elimination of parental consent laws (where a minor girl notifies a parent before an abortion)
  • Sexuality education that is “free of religious intolerance.”
  • Decriminalization of prostitution (which they call “sex work”)

(Read it for yourself: search “Bali Global Youth Forum Declaration 1”.)

These are all positions WAGGGS advocates.  It should be no surprise that WAGGGS is a close partner of the International Planned Parenthood Federation and Planned Parenthood sometimes appears as a resource at the end of WAGGGS handbooks, like the “Voices Against Violence” handbook.  In fact, IPPF boasts about its close ties to WAGGGS.

WAGGGS is controversial enough that Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa has a “Frequently Asked Questions” section on its website that says, “Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa does not have a local relationship or partnership with Planned Parenthood.”  And “Every Girl Scout organization is a member of WAGGGS…” but “troops and individual girls are not members of WAGGGS.”  (How is that possible?)

This makes you think WAGGGS is some kind of distant cousin.  But when you click on “Who We Are” on the Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa website, then “Girl Scout Days,” you see, “World Thinking Day.”  This is WAGGGS main fundraiser, according to Saladin.

Under “Travel” one of the trips is “WAGGGS World Centre” trip to the Swiss Alps in 2015 for grades 8-12.  It looks innocent, but another website on WAGGGS’s Swiss retreats suggests more abortion indoctrination.

All Girl Scouts websites promote numerous activities, awards and links to WAGGGS. The WAGGGS “Global Action Theme (GAT) Badge Curriculum, is based on the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MGDs), which sound harmless: “Improve Maternal Health.”  Who wouldn’t be for that?

But one of the GAT badge projects says, “Visit a family planning clinic and find out about the ways they try to prevent adolescent pregnancy.”

A GAT Badge project for “Younger Members” suggests: “Talk to your mother or another mother about what it is like to be a mum.  What is good about it?  What is not so great?  Draw a cartoon about it.”
Nothing like starting them off young with negative images of motherhood.

What about those cookies?

“Cookie money stays local” says Saladin, “But millions of dollars in licensing fees go directly to Girl Scouts USA to spend as they choose.”

Girl Scouts does a lot of good—promoting self-esteem, friendships and independence in girls.  There are many good people involved locally as troop leaders and volunteers. But if any part the money goes to an organization that is a training ground to turn girls into abortion activists, it may be time to explore other paths.

Ann Saladin’s website is

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  1. this doesnt mean girlscouts are bad, this just means they dont meet YOUR closed minded opinions, mabey they think YOUR bad, ever think of that?

    1. What this has meant for years, johnarmstrong, is that Girl Scouts of the USA has been purposefully LYING to its members for years. For decades, GSUSA has been telling members they do not “take a position” on abortion, when in fact, all the evidence points to the contrary. Why? Are they ashamed? No, they are deceptively hiding these facts to retain their $790 million cookie empire which funds this hidden agenda. Why don’t YOU ask Girl Scouts why they don’t “come out” and proudly proclaim these facts if YOU think killing babies is so great? Ever think of that?

  2. Thank you, Jenifer Bowen, for spreading the TRUTH about Girl Scouts of the USA! Pro-life families need to boycott those cursed cookies that fund this hidden abortion-pushing agenda, and tell GSUSA to stop lying to members and endangering little girls by hiding transgenders in troops and summer overnight camps.

    1. I’m trying to figure out how GSUSA hides transgenders in troops and camps. Last time I looked at the statistics, little girls were in far more danger from heterosexual men than transgendered people.

      1. Well, let’s look at the facts: 1) GSUSA will NOT disclose to parents if there is a transgender (up through the 12th Grade) in a troop or attending overnight summer camps with little girls (they are HIDING THEM); 2) GSUSA will allow transgenders (non-operative, non-hormone-treatment) full access to toilet, changing room, showering and sleeping arrangements in CA and CO; 3) GSUSA is “inclusive” to all sexual orientations, thereby welcoming any male-sex boy who wishes he were a girl AND also thinks he’s a lesbian. Can you figure THAT out? Statistics aren’t existent because up until now, no one has been STUPID ENOUGH to push this crazy, radical LGBTQI experiment on unwary families. But if you want a track record, you can read how a transgender in Colorado is harassing girls in high school, using both the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms to accommodate his sexual confusion: AND how transgender “rights” are in direct conflict with the rights of girls and women:

  3. There are plenty of options besides Girl Scouts; it’s actually a sign of a healthy community to have many different choices. It’s not like anyone thinks you’re a bad person for making a choice other than Girl Scouts….right?

    1. True but stop trying to tear down girl scouts. you don’t see girl scouts advocating for the destruction of other groups do you? They aren’t doing anything wrong and people keep trying to paint them with some broad brush. The US government has ties to how many other countries? D those ties make us less American? Should we be held accountable for the actions of other? Should our country be held responsible for the actions of countries we have given aid to in the past or present? No. So stop hating on little girls it is not the Christian thing to do.

      1. Actually, yes, I see Girl Scout leadership engaging with groups which are involved with the tearing down of the innocence of these same little girls you say I’m hating on.

        Joshua Ackley is intimately involved with the Girl Scouts leadership. He is a very bad role model for little girls. His act should never be seen by little girls, but Girl Scouts promotes him as a role model of manhood to these little girls you say I’m hating on. I suggest you turn your attention to hating on him, not me.

        Hate, by the way, can be a very, very good thing. What do you think our Constitution is other than hate speech? It declared America’s hatred of having to pay taxes to a tyrant king without having representation in Parliament. What do you think little girls are being denied except that very same thing: PROPER representation with leadership, representation for their innocence.

        These innocent little girls are being groomed by GSUSA leadership to pay taxes to tyrants who only have hatred of their innocence. If they valued the girls’ innocence, they would have absolutely nothing to do with Planned Parenthood or that horrible role model for girls, Joshua Ackley. The hatred these GSUSA leaders have for everything America has stood for is very easy to see, and this hatred they have runs soul-deep.

        There are plenty of other groups little girls can join that don’t have an obsession with groin issues; this frees the girls to keep their innocence, which is something I hope you value for them as more valuable than gold. If not, that would speak volumes.

  4. Steve, perhaps you should do a little checking. World Thinking Day, promoted and celebrated by GSUSA and every local council across the country, is a WAGGGS event, and, according to WAGGGS, “[F]undraising has been an important World Thinking Day tradition since 1932.” While you’re on WAGGGS’ website, check out the 2013 World Thinking Day activity pack (, pg 13) which identifies the target of achieving “universal access to reproductive health” through the “unmet need for contraception.” This from an organization made up of 10 million members ( around the world, including 3 million GSUSA members. Facts aren’t partisan, sir.

  5. I can’t believe how obsessed you people are with sex! I’ve been a Girl Scout volunteer for 30 years now and have never seen our girls exposed to the type of stuff you all are talking about. Where do you come from that you’ve seen girls turned into “abortion activists” in the Girl Scouts? We don’t discuss sensitive issues at all without getting permission slips from parents. And I’ve never heard of anyone doing that so the troop could talk about abortion. In fact I don’t personally know of any troop whose done that so they could talk about sensitive issues. We usually steer girls back to their families to talk about religion or sex. There are some basic things that our Girl Scouts here in the United States need to comply with to be a member of WAGGGS. One of them is belief in a higher power. I don’t think anything about abortion of sex is in that short list. Did you know that there are 145 countries around the world that are members of WAGGGS? Do you all boycott all of those countries? The main exposure that our girls have here in the US is to Thinking Day which is when Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world think about their scouting sisters. I will say that pretty much every troop I have known about does spend a goodly amount of time on service projects: collecting food for the hungry or beautifying areas around their schools or collecting coats for the needy.

      1. Shane are you a girl scout? Have you been to their meetings? Did you realize your statement is incorrect? GSUSA is NOt WAGGS. WAGGS deals with 145 countries including those that have common place human trafficking of children. That is what those global summits were dealing with. NOT our girls in he US. They are advocating those rights for the children enslaved into prostitution and worse. WAKE UP and realize that we have a very comfortable corner of the world and that our girls don’t deal with hese global issues. BUT if we lived elsewhere girl would deal with every day, and they do, and when they get together to make the world a better place unlike our girls who organize bake sales and clothing drives, girls in other countries are trying to protect children from enslavement. STOP trying to link girls in the United States to these things. Individuals give those donations to WAGGS not Girl Scouts USA, saying that GS USA Should be tied to those donations would be like claiming all of Texas to be democrats because one person votes for Democrats. Don’t let other “do all the work for you” it will be poorly done. And next time do research before you write an article.

      2. GSUSA and individual Girl Scout councils are pushing WAGGGS through the curriculum and events. If they don’t want to be affiliated with WAGGGS, here’s a tip – stop promoting WAGGGS to our girls.

    1. Sally,
      Permit me a few responses:
      1. WAGGGS members do not need to comply by believing in a higher power — God is asterisked in the GSUSA promise (which permits the word to be changed or dropped altogether), and has recently been removed altogether from the UK Girl Guides promise.
      2. I don’t boycott countries that have Girl Scouting or Guiding organizations, because the countries aren’t members of WAGGGS — the country and the organization are not tied together.
      3. I would argue that the main exposure GSUSA members have to WAGGGS is that every membership triggers a quota payment from GSUSA to WAGGGS. World Thinking Day is optionable, this payment based on registered members is not. So my girls now do those same types of service projects, without being exposed to and funding an ideology that goes against the values I am trying to instill in them. Girl Scouts does not hold the copyright on service, learning, or fun!

  6. WAGGS serves countries where the sexual enslavement of children is commonplace. The issues they tackle at the global level deal with global problems. This “proof” she is touting has nothing to do with Girl Scouts USA. By her own admission, AND she left out the fact that WAGGS support comes from individual donations not the organization. That’s right the money she claims ties the organization to WAGGS is made by individuals. That would be like trying to tie a church to an organization because someone of the same faith chooses to monetarily support it. EYE opener stop trying to paint entire groups with the same broad brush. And the sexual rights they are fighting for are changes to protect child victims of human trafficking! Shame on this woman and the author for not doing the research. this is what happens when you let someone else “do all the work for us” . Like anything else you try to shirk it gets poorly done. Leave those poor girls alone already.

  7. They were advocating for the decriminaliztion of sex work only specifically to protect children who are victims of human trafficking from being charged with crimes. Seriously should an eight year old trafficked child be charged with prostitution? In other countries those children face charges as if it had Ben their own choice to sell themselves for the sexual gratification of evil men. 145 countries…sadly many of them have large numbers of children being trafficked. Did you know that many churches including the Catholic church advocate for the same decriminalization for these children? Do your research before throwing stones. They aren’t advocating For prostitution they are Advocating against charging children who have been trafficked for prostitution crimes! I applaud the girls of the world who are brave enough to stand up and advocate for these poor trafficked children. In the countries where it is common place it is a daily life problem for girls in that country. They are doing something about it, bravo to them.

    1. You’re wrong – WAGGGS advocates for decriminalization of sex work in conjunction with “decent employment for youth”. Look it up in the Bali Youth Forum Declaration. Heck you can download the declaration from the wagggs’ website. WAGGGS is VERY proud of it. How is endorsing sex work as decent employment fulfilling GS’ mission to build girls of character?

  8. WAGGGS also advocates against sexual coercion, forced marriage, underage marriage, and genital mutilation. Should we protest that too?

    1. Minimizing the true concerns of parents by making glib comments does not an intelligent response make.

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