qct_logo_square(Davenport, IA) The people of the Quad Cities are being held hostage by a editorial board espousing Democrat talking points who want to ensure  their grandchildren are enslaved by a boatload of debt.  Based off the population as of January 1, 2013 each resident’s (every man, woman and child) share of the $16 Trillion of our national debt is just shy of $51,000. Our median household income is just slightly over $51,000 a year.  It has increased by 85% in the last seven years.  They also seem to be ok with individuals and families being fined if they don’t buy health insurance that many of them can not afford or at the very least facing drastically higher rates.

Houston we have a problem.

Yet the editorial board of the Quad-City Times thinks we are facing “Congressional Terrorism.”  I could agree, but not for the reasons they suggest:

We use the word “terror” emphatically. What else can you call tactics the perpetrators fully intend to wreck the stock market, throw people out of work and remove any semblance of stability for economic growth?

House GOP leadership has chosen tactics that cannot improve health care, immigration security, energy independence, education excellence or any of our nation’s urgent goals. Instead, Speaker John Boehner and his team chose tactics that are harming Americans.

These means are justified by a muddled end. At best, the House GOP majority showdown is intended to make a political point about government spending and deficits. Partisan candidates can afford the divisive rhetoric that is grist for campaigns. Elected leaders truly interested in reining in spending know that votes – not ultimatums — are needed from both parties to effect change.

Like it or not, that’s how Obamacare became law. Proponents didn’t just lob insults. They courted the opposition, offered compromises and did the hard work of governance.

The House Republicans have voted 26 times to fund essential aspects of the federal government.  The Senate has not only not passed any resolution, they have not passed a budget in FIVE years – FIVE.  Also the editorial board seems to have a case of revisionist history when little courting or compromise was done to get Republicans on board when Obamacare was rammed down our throats.

This isn’t about political points; this is about the future of our nation.  Our government will not go into default on October 17th.  That’s a scare tactic.  Besides we have bigger problems down the road if spending is not dealt with.  We can not afford Obamacare.  We can’t just keep raising the debt limit and not deal with spending in a drastic way.

The QC Times board must be listening to President Obama who says “hey we don’t have to worry.”  I know that President Obama believes that raising the debt limit “won’t add a single dime to our debt.”  The simple fact is that it will.  President Obama’s national debt rate is set to double.

So what the Quad-City Times editorial board is engaging in is “editorial terrorism.”  I use that word emphatically as well, but what else can you call it when they protect a do-nothing Senate, support policies that will bankrupt our nation and hurt families economically while at the same time chiding the legislators who are actually trying to do something about it?

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