Doug Phillips

(San Antonio, TX) Douglas Phillips, President of Vision Forum Ministries resigned from his position from Vision Forum Ministries yesterday due to having an emotional affair with another woman.  He also announced he was discontinuing his speaking responsibilities.  It is unclear whether he is remaining as President of  Vision Forum (a purveyor of books, toys, and curriculum for Christian families).  Below is his resignation letter that can be found on the Vision Forum Ministries website:

With thanksgiving to God for His mercy and love, I have stepped down from the office of president at Vision Forum Ministries and have discontinued my speaking responsibilities.

There has been serious sin in my life for which God has graciously brought me to repentance. I have confessed my sin to my wife and family, my local church, and the board of Vision Forum Ministries.  I engaged in a lengthy, inappropriate relationship with a woman. While we did not “know” each other in a Biblical sense, it was nevertheless inappropriately romantic and affectionate.

There are no words to describe the magnitude of shame I feel, or grief from the injury I caused my beloved bride and children, both of whom have responded to my repentance with what seems a supernatural love and forgiveness. I thought too highly of myself and behaved without proper accountability. I have acted grievously before the Lord, in a destructive manner hypocritical of life messages I hold dear, inappropriate for a leader, abusive of the trust that I was given, and hurtful to family and friends. My church leadership came alongside me with love and admonition, providing counsel, strong direction and accountability. Where I have directly wronged others, I confessed and repented. I am still in the process of trying to seek reconciliation privately with people I have injured, and to be aware of ways in which my own selfishness has hurt family and friends. I am most sensitive to the fact that my actions have dishonored the living God and been shameful to the name of Jesus Christ, my only hope and Savior.

This is a time when my repentance needs to be proven, and I need to lead a quiet life focusing on my family and serving as a foot soldier, not a ministry leader. Though I am broken over my failures, I am grateful to be able to spend more time with my family, nurturing my wife and children and preparing my older sons and daughters for life. So, for these reasons I want to let my friends know that I have stepped down as a board member and as president of Vision Forum Ministries. The Board will be making provision for the management of the ministry during this time. To the friends of this ministry, I ask for your forgiveness, and hope that you will pray for the Phillips family at this time, and for the men who will be responsible for shepherding the work of Vision Forum Ministries in the future.

Doug Phillips

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    1. Quite right. This man was not just a poor schlub in a doublewide. He made his LIVING for almost 2 decades promoting not just family, but his own pristine version of what family was. I am sick of how we excoriate men like Bill Clinton or Hollywood stars, and yet have such tender feelings for LEADERS like this. If he, with all his teaching colleagues, Scripture knowledge, health, wealth and comfort could not keep his pants zipped metaphorically or literally, what hope for the rest of us? He disgusts me and it’s time we had some righteous angers about sham leaders like this. The point is, he is the one who claimed to be a leader and inserted his voice into the public scene. And there’s a higher standard for those kind of men. Period.

      1. It is God who will with high standards judge all men, each by His own measure, as God shall see fit – perfectly and truly.

        By what measure you judge, so shall you also be judged, and he who is forgiven much, loves much.

        I suggest that we all let our righteous anger be turned upon our own sinful natures.

        Doug Philips was not doing that – nor are we doing that, as we ought.

      2. Doug Phillips is just a man. Even though he is accountable as a shepherd and servant of Christ none of us are without sin. He was willing to obey his Lord and openly confess and step down from his position of leadership. I commend him for that. That shows a true love for God and willingness to humble himself before God and his fellowman. May we all be that transparent and honest even when we stumble. We need to pray for each other and hold each other up not break each other down as brothers and sisters in Christ.

      3. I agree with Jomommyof6… you didn’t see Bill Clinton admitting to “emotional affairs”. Instead he actually unzipped his pants and never thought twice about it. At least Mr Phillips here stopped before it went that far, and then stepped down.

        It is easy to find a clump of mud on a white sheet, but a clump of mud on a mud stained sheet is difficult… Everyone pointing the finger at him is likely so covered in their own sin that they don’t even notice it. They notice it on him, however, because he actually has a standard. Wash the mud off of your own body before pointing to the dirty fingernails of another. I need to do that, and so do many people posting on this board.

      4. I agree also. So many men fell into sin in the Bible like David and Noah. But they were still used for a good and perfect plan.

      5. I pray God grants you even a tenth of the humility – which your self righteous comments clearly reveal you so obviously lack – as this man. You apparently think yourself qualified (without sin) to cast the first stone….? what a dweeb…..

    2. Our shouldn’t be in other men or ourselves, but in Jesus Christ! We have plenty of hope in his grace and know that we will all stumble, yet he amazingly still died on the cross to cover our sins.

    3. Our Hope shouldn’t be in other men or ourselves, but in Jesus Christ! We have
      plenty of hope in his grace and know that we will all stumble, yet he
      amazingly still died on the cross to cover our sins.

    4. What about King David….the Apostle Peter….Adam….Moses….Abraham? They all ‘fell’ and were restored by their Creator. If our faith (trust) is in Christ and His shed blood we have all the hope there is to have.

  1. Satan is the Destroyer! But what a blessing to know that there is still a body of believers who want to restore. Love this portion of the letter, “My church leadership came alongside me with love and admonition, providing counsel, strong direction and accountability.” What a loving example of Galatians 6:1 “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.” Praise God for He is the Healer of the soul, spirit, and mind. Blessing to this ministry and family.

    1. Praise God that he was willing to repent and get help! He is my hero of the faith and I won’t stop praying for him and his beautiful family!

      1. Honey, you need a new hero.
        My family listened to and bought (and bought into) all the shill he sold. Needless to say, this daughter of quiverfull patriarchy realized that religious, verbal, and psychological abuse in thinly veiled misogyny was a big problem. I left my father’s “umbrella” a little over 3 years ago and I dont/havent regretted it for one second.
        This man sells poison and I hope his personal life proves that his system is as toxic as his cult of personality.

      2. I don’t know what else to say on that other than that I totally disagree with what you just said. He sells poison? I could not disagree more!

    1. May God bless and help the woman he messed with and her family. And may we get leaders who actually live what they teach instead of making a mockery of this “Jesus” they claim.

  2. “I thought too highly of myself and behaved without proper accountability.” This is what Proverbs 16:18 is indicating. Any of us have potential for grievous sins when we don’t submit ourselves to accountability.

  3. We should all be reading our bibles and do what GOD says not a man. When people listen to a man and don’t back it up with God’s word then you are following the wrong person. If someone puts themselves out there in ministry, they need to hold to truths. Affairs don’t just happen, they are thought about and acted upon over time. God’s word tells us to RUN from sexual immorality. RUN! Unfortunately he didn’t practice what he preached. As for lording over our adult children I don’t see where that’s biblical. Adult children need to grow up and move on with their lives so they can have a sense of purpose. My daughter is an EMT/Firefighter. She literally saves lives and serves her community. I am proud of her. And yes I home schooled both my son and daughter all the way through.

  4. All truth is based on a proper definition and use of words. For example, Hypocrisy is NOT teaching one thing and then doing another. Doing that is merely a failure of the flesh, and a weakness. True Hypocrisy is knowing one thing to be true, yet teaching others something other than that truth.

    These two sins and failings are vastly different. In most cases labeled Hypocrisy there is a failure to live up to the high standards one professes and teaches, but not an outright teaching of falsehoods known to be false.

    In other words. If the teacher knows two plus two is four and yet for some benefit or gain willingly teaches that two plus two is five, then that is HYPOCRISY spelled in capital letters.

    On the other hand knowing and then teaching that adultery is wrong and yet and still having a failure of the flesh such that the teacher commits adultery, this is wrong, and a sin, but it is not HYPOCRISY. FounderChurch at gmail.

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