Jeb Bush

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is going to be a long-shot candidate if he decides to run for President in the 2016 Iowa Caucus.  His positions on issues ranging from immigration reform to the Common Core State Standards put him out of step with the conservative base of the party.  Then he has his last name.  I don’t think Republican voters are ready to send another Bush to the White House.

If he is running in 2016 then he’s running a clinic on how to guarantee one loses the Iowa Caucus.

First lesson if you want to lose attack Congressman Steve King (R-IA).  It’s not that Congressman King is untouchable and that he can do no wrong, but he is well respected among grassroots conservatives – you know the type Governor Bush would need to win over should he decide to run.  The grassroots identify with Congressman King and his position on the issues.

So when Bush takes a crack at him in New York of all places… well that shows he lacks the sense to run a successful campaign in Iowa.  Politico reports:

“We’ve not made an effective case” in the last two elections to voters, he said, calling for a more “positive” and forward-looking vision. “A lot of voters have just turned off the Republican message.”

Republicans can’t win new voters “by narrowing your party and purifying your party and all this nonsense,” he said.

And he blasted some of the rhetoric from congressional Republicans against immigration, such as Iowa Rep. Steve King as “shameful and so insulting … [it’s] totally out of the mainstream of conservative thought.”

But it’s those remarks, he said, that “gets attention.”

Congressman King has been taken out of context on this issue by so many people that I have lost count.  Do I agree 100% with Congressman King on immigration?  No, I don’t.  I wouldn’t agree with Bush either.  The difference – I know Congressman King and I trust him and he represents most of my views..  Jeb Bush is the last one who should be telling anybody what is outside the mainstream of conservative thought since that is where he resides.  Heck he’s a poster child for it.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr (CC-By-SA 2.0)

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  1. Steve King is already on the Cruz train. Jeb Bush said Americans are lazy and Immigrants pop out more babies. Hopefully Jeb can splinter the vote with Christie. Does Jeb Bush only speak Spanish at home? That is sure to get a pass in a Republican primary. A president who panders to Mexico and speaks Spanish in the white house.

  2. Someone, anyone tell the RINOs that THIS TIME, we are ready to destroy you. We know you POS are in league with the Democrats and attempt to split the conservative vote. Oh well, too bad we will expose your complicit actions with the Democrats this time.

    The fight for the Republic continues!

  3. oh, by all means, jebby, we absolutely need MORE internationalist, anti-sovereignty, Democrat types in the Repub party.
    listen to your mother, NO MORE Bushes

  4. Here is who Iowa picked in the caucus:
    2012 Rick Santorum (or Ron Paul) (Obama re-elected over Romney)
    2008 Mike Huckabee (Obama elected over McCain)
    2004 George W. Bush was unopposed (Bush re-elected over Kerry)
    2000 George W. Bush (Bush elected over Gore)
    1996 Bob Dole (Clinton re-elected over Dole)
    1992 No caucus (Clinton elected over Bush Sr)
    1988 Bob Dole (Bush Sr elected over Dukakis)
    1984 No caucus (Reagan re-elected over Mondale)
    1980 George Bush (Reagan elected over Carter)
    1976 No caucus (Carter elected over Ford)

    George W. Bush is the only winner Iowa GOP has picked in over 40 years.

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