Iowa Right to Life LogoDes Moines, IA – Iowa Right to Life launched a new state political action committee on Tuesday.  In the past they have sent a list of preferred candidates to their supporters, but have not made contributions to campaigns.  This will allow them to have a greater influence in the upcoming 2014 state house and state senate races.  Below is the email they sent to supporters:

The majority of Iowa Right to Life’s work is spent on educational activities around the State working to change the culture in Iowa to one that not only supports the protection of life at all stages, but is also motivated to act and educate others.

Iowa Right to life has accomplished much this year.  A few examples include a very successful inaugural Midwest March for Life this past January.  We held a booth at the Iowa State Fair for the first time in nearly 30 years and were in present at more county fairs than ever before. We also collected another 15,000 signatures on our STOP webcam abortion petition, bringing the total to nearly 30,000! With every name secured, another Iowan was made aware of the dangerous reality that the abortion industry in Iowa poses to our born and unborn citizens.

A smaller, but crucial component of our work is done by our advocacy organization, Iowa Right to Life Committee, Inc. Our two lobbyists work tirelessly at the Capitol each year to take the growing grassroots support and public desire to end abortion and protect life and translate that into public policy that saves lives. Often, we work to defeat legislation that would put lives at risk.  A crucial part of this work is ensuring that candidates for State House and Senate are elected who are committed to protecting life from conception through to a natural end of life.  To this end, we are ramping up our political action committee and we need your help!

Iowa Right to Life State PAC supports candidates that are committed to supporting legislation and public policy that saves lives and ends abortion in Iowa and beyond.

Over the last number of years, we have seen the abortion industry and their supporters pour tens of thousands of dollars into Iowa races to ensure candidates that support elective abortion get elected to the Iowa legislature. We stand as a non-partisan, single-issue political action committee working to ensure pro-life candidates across the State have the resources they need to compete and adequately represent Iowans. We know a majority of Iowans support Pro-Life legislation and that growing numbers support ending all abortions in our State. Will you join us by making a donation today?

Visit our PAC’s website and make a generous donation today. Gifts are not tax-deductible, but will go a long way in savings lives by protecting the most vulnerable Iowans.  Will you join us in working toward a Pro-Life majority in the Iowa House and Senate?

We are eternally grateful for the groundswell of support you and a growing number of Iowans have shown Iowa Right to Life.  Thank you!  We hope you’ll continue to support this important work by making a generous contribution today.


Update: I just learned from Jenifer Bowen, IRTL’s executive director, that they have had a state and federal PAC for a long time, but they have dormant. This really is a re-launch, not a launch.

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