imageWARNING: Some may find the  content of this article very graphic and offensive. But we want you to know the truth about what Planned Parenthood is peddling to kids.

Des Moines, IA – When the truth came out, Planned Parenthood had to abandon their controversial website pushing teenagers to pursue anal sex, “fingering,” multiple partners, and the use of sex toys and pornography.

But don’t think that offensive content or Planned Parenthood’s mission to sexualize your children has gone away.  Now it’s going direct to their cell phones.

Planned Parenthood has been pushing free “Apps for Teens” that they can read on their cell phones.  Planned Parenthood of the Heartland has been pushing it on their Facebook page with this message: “Planned Parenthood’s Info for Teens: Once a week, we’ll be featuring a free app that can help you learn all about sex, relationships, birth control and more.  Want a sneak peek?  Take a look at all of them here.”

The apps feature quizzes and games with seductive topics like, “What’s Your Love Personality?”

Sounds harmeless so far, right?  Good, clean fun.  We decided to take the quiz and see.

The Love Personality quiz offers a series of questions where readers answer, “Agree” or “Disagree.”  It also asks for your age, race, sex, and location.  (Remember, this is the era of Big Data, so Planned Parenthood collects this information.)

I choose “12 or under,” because I was curious what Planned Parenthood would say to a child that young.

What’s Your Love Personality Question 1:When I like someone I’m more likely to tell him directly than have a friend do it for me.”

This is what Planned Parenthood does to throw the parents off the scent, just in case they are checking out what their kids are looking at.  The persistent parent will see their “12 or under” child asked this next.

What’s Your Love Personality Question 2:I am curious about sex, I want to know what it feels like.”

If your 9 or 10 year-old answers, “Agree” this is the answer she will get: “Being curious is natural.  But there are risks involved (like pregnancy and STDs).  And you can satisfy your curiosity by exploring your body on your own.”

What does Planned Parenthood mean by “satisfy your curiosity by exploring your body on your own?” for the “12 or under” set?image

According to a Planned Parenthood article called, “Human Sexuality – What Children Need to Know and When They Need to Know It,” Planned Parenthood believes that children under age 5 should be taught to “seek privacy when they want to touch their sex organs for pleasure.”

Planned Parenthood also recommends “mutual masturbation” to teens to lower their risk of STDs.  So back to the quiz, “exploring your own body” is one of Planned Parenthood’s favorite subjects.

What else is on the Love Personality Quiz for your under-12-year-old?

“Having sex would feel good.”

If you choose, “Agree.”  Planned Parenthood answers:

“Having sex feels good – but only in the right situation and when you’re older.  In fact, most teens who’ve had sex wish they had waited longer.  If you have sexual feelings, you can explore your own body.  If you wait to have sex until you’re older, you don’t have to deal with the risk of pregnancy and STDs now.  Sex is a pleasure that can wait.”

It sounds like Planned Parenthood is encouraging young girls to wait to have sex.  But are they?  Read that statement again.  If you tell a child something feels good, but you will have to wait until your older, most children will think, “But I AM old enough.”  That’s exactly what Planned Parenthood wants.

All of Planned Parenthood’s explicit information is designed to lure children to have sex and that feeds their abortion business.

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