Sam-Clovis.jpg(Sioux City, IA) U.S. Senate candidate Sam Clovis is announcing today that with the addition of the Iowans listed below, he has reached 400 county co-captains for his campaign.  “Once again, I am humbled by the support of the voters,” said Clovis.  “These individuals understand how important this campaign is to Iowa and they are ready to go to work to ensure that Iowans have a U.S. Senator who will listen and represent them with integrity.”

Clovis has now garnered supporters from 55 counties in Iowa.  He is running for the U. S. Senate seat being vacated by Tom Harkin.  Senator Harkin will be retiring at the end of this Congressional session.  Clovis has been crisscrossing the state meeting with voters since he announced his candidacy in June.

“What impresses me about Sam is that he can answer tough questions,” said Ken Augustine, a businessman and investor who lives in Ames.  “He is a very learned man who has thought through a lot of issues.”

Polly Doolittle had this to say about Clovis, “Sam Clovis has two qualities that Tom Harkin seems to have lost along the way:  love of country and respect for the Constitution of the United States.  Sam is a man of honor and will uphold the Oath which he will take as a Senator.  Iowa needs him.”

Sam Clovis holds a Masters in Business Administration in Management and a Doctorate in Public Administration.  He is currently a tenured full professor at a private liberal arts college in northwest Iowa.  He served in the United States Air Force for 25 years and still provides leadership to defense and homeland security institutions.  He lives in Hinton, IA with his wife Charlotte and stepson Khan.  More information on the candidate and his campaign may be obtained at

  • Mr. Robert Keatley Waukon Allamakee
  • Mr. James Shutts Belle Plaine Benton
  • Mr. Scott Porter Boone Boone
  • Mr. Randy Mitchell Boone Boone
  • Mr. David Howrey Rockwell City Calhoun
  • Mr. Jim Halbur Carroll Carroll
  • Mrs. Barb Halbur Carroll Carroll
  • Mr. Marty Lau Quimby Cherokee
  • Mr. Gerald Pallesen Marcus Cherokee
  • Mr. Darrell Veencamp Cherokee Cherokee
  • Mrs. Yvonne Veencamp Cherokee Cherokee
  • Mr. Bill Kersting Spencer Clay
  • Mr. Dean Bechtel Monona Clayton
  • Mrs. Sherry Bechtel Monona Clayton
  • Mr. Dwight Moulton Clinton Clinton
  • Mr. Noel Johnson Denison Crawford
  • Mr. James Johnson Bloomfield Davis
  • Ms. Polly Doolittle Webster City Hamilton
  • Mr. John Johnson Britt Hancock
  • Mr. Matt Crouse Eldora Hardin
  • Mrs. Diane Crouse Eldora Hardin
  • Mr. Thomas Odgaard Ida Grove Ida
  • Mrs. Carroll Odgaard Ida Grove Ida
  • Mrs. Brenda Ragen Hedrick Keokuk
  • Ms. Karen Hempen Argyle Lee
  • Mr. Lyle Rose Mapleton Monona
  • Mrs. Diann Rose Mapleton Monona
  • Ms. Allison Berns Muscatine Muscatine
  • Mr. Tom Farnsworth Archer O’Brien
  • Mrs. Glenna Farnsworth Archer O’Brien
  • Mr. Duane Ferrie LeMars Plymouth
  • Mr. Kevin Netley Akron Plymouth
  • Mrs. Pam Netley Akron Plymouth
  • Mrs. Darlene Spears LeMars Plymouth
  • Mr. Tommy Thompson LeMars Plymouth
  • Mrs. Mary Thompson LeMars Plymouth
  • Mr. Dave Probst LeMars Plymouth
  • Mrs. Nancy Probst LeMars Plymouth
  • Mr. Tom Dudley Des Moines Polk
  • Mr. Josh Wheeler Polk City Polk
  • Mr. Gregory McQueen Des Moines Polk
  • Mr. Larry Clayton Ankeny Polk
  • Ms. Jeanne Jennings Johnston Polk
  • Mr. Brandon Flanagan Council Bluffs Pottawattamie
  • Mrs. Olivia Flanagan Council Bluffs Pottawattamie
  • Mrs. Esther Oliver Sioux Center Sioux
  • Mrs. Marilyn Krocheski Ames Story
  • Mr. Mike Hermanson Story City Story
  • Mrs. Kim Hermanson Story City Story
  • Mrs. Sheila Bright Ames Story
  • Mr. Greg McLaughlin Ames Story
  • Mr. Ken Augustine Ames Story
  • Mrs. Jan Augustine Ames Story
  • Mr. Curtis Lambson Blockton Taylor
  • Mr. Rod Stevens Ottumwa Wapello
  • Mrs. Dorothy Carrothers Ottumwa Wapello
  • Mrs. Karen Glaser Fort Dodge Webster
  • Mr. Stephen Piercy Fort Dodge Webster
  • Mrs. Jan Piercy Fort Dodge Webster
  • Mrs. Rebecca Mehling Sioux City Woodbury
  • Ms. Martha Peterson Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mr. Bruce Riordan Correctionville Woodbury
  • Mrs. Pearl Riordan Correctionville Woodbury
  • Mr. Wesley Roeschke Moville Woodbury
  • Mrs. Donna Roeschke Moville Woodbury
  • Mrs. Nancy Peck Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mr. Lee Brennan Sergeant Bluff Woodbury
  • Mr. Jeff Shugar Sergeant Bluff Woodbury
  • Mr. Tom Schryver Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mrs. Joan Schryver Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mr. Jay Smith Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mr. Jeremy Ogle Sergeant Bluff Woodbury
  • Mr. Calvin Tyer Kingsley Woodbury
  • Mrs. Barbara Tyer Kingsley Woodbury
  • Mr. Brandon Bruchard Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mrs. Martha Bruchard Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mr. Loren Hansen Kingsley Woodbury
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Hansen Kingsley Woodbury
  • Mr. Brian Weaver Anthon Woodbury
  • Mrs. Deb Weaver Anthon Woodbury
  • Mr. Richard Wanderscheid Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mrs. Connie Wanderscheid Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mr. Mike Wilson Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mrs. Cindy Wilson Sioux City Woodbury
  • Ms. Lisa Walz Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mr. William Schurdevin Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mrs. Jackie Heyer Cushing Woodbury
  • Mrs. Virginia Taylor Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mrs. Lolly Hansen Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mr. Douglas Delzell Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mrs. Kay Delzell Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mr. Robert Gunsolly Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mr. Mark Till Smithland Woodbury
  • Mrs. Kay Till Smithland Woodbury
  • Mr. Brian Moon Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mrs. Shari Moon Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mr. Paul Andersen Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mrs. Jeanne  Andersen Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mr. Ronald Beller Sioux City Woodbury
  • Mrs. Terri Beller Sioux City Woodbury
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