State Senator Bill Kintner (R-Papillion)

( Nebraska City, NE – “I don’t apologize.”

That’s the short and long of it from State Sen. Bill Kintner of Papillion.

But Kintner, who recently talked about stopping “homosexual bills” and the “bad behavior” of those on social programs, said that he could have stated his positions “more artfully.”

Kintner’s comments, which were first reported by the Nebraska City News Press, came during a recent town hall meeting.

Kintner, a Republican, says he was updating constituents about a wide range of upcoming legislative issues.

The newspaper put it this way:

  • Kintner also said some “homosexual bills” may come up in the next session. He said he opposes allowing gays to adopt or be foster parents. Children should be in homes with a mother and father, he said, eliciting a smattering of applause from the audience. “The bill will get kicked out,” he said.
  • Kintner objected to paying for the “bad behavior” of those on social programs. “We pay for their bad behavior.” “Women — not men — can live a pretty good life” by making bad mistakes such as having more children, Kintner said.
  • He also said “universal preschool” starting at age three is being “pushed” on the states since it is failing at the federal level. “It is a dream of social engineers to get their hands on our kids,” he said. “Obama can’t do that at the federal level, so is trying to get it at the state level.”

Responding to an email, which included several follow-up questions, Kintner would not say if he was misquoted.

Instead he reiterated his opposition to gay marriage and the expanding growth of the state’s social welfare programs.

Democratic State Chairman Vince Powers is calling on Kintner to apologize for his “unfounded and offensive statements.”

“I don’t apologize for my positions on the issues, but I could have more artfully stated them at the meeting,” Kintner stated/

Kintner, who is married to Lauren Kintner, a top aide to Gov. Dave Heineman, is up for re-election this year.

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