State Senator Bill Kintner (R-Papillion)

( Nebraska City, NE – “I don’t apologize.”

That’s the short and long of it from State Sen. Bill Kintner of Papillion.

But Kintner, who recently talked about stopping “homosexual bills” and the “bad behavior” of those on social programs, said that he could have stated his positions “more artfully.”

Kintner’s comments, which were first reported by the Nebraska City News Press, came during a recent town hall meeting.

Kintner, a Republican, says he was updating constituents about a wide range of upcoming legislative issues.

The newspaper put it this way:

  • Kintner also said some “homosexual bills” may come up in the next session. He said he opposes allowing gays to adopt or be foster parents. Children should be in homes with a mother and father, he said, eliciting a smattering of applause from the audience. “The bill will get kicked out,” he said.
  • Kintner objected to paying for the “bad behavior” of those on social programs. “We pay for their bad behavior.” “Women — not men — can live a pretty good life” by making bad mistakes such as having more children, Kintner said.
  • He also said “universal preschool” starting at age three is being “pushed” on the states since it is failing at the federal level. “It is a dream of social engineers to get their hands on our kids,” he said. “Obama can’t do that at the federal level, so is trying to get it at the state level.”

Responding to an email, which included several follow-up questions, Kintner would not say if he was misquoted.

Instead he reiterated his opposition to gay marriage and the expanding growth of the state’s social welfare programs.

Democratic State Chairman Vince Powers is calling on Kintner to apologize for his “unfounded and offensive statements.”

“I don’t apologize for my positions on the issues, but I could have more artfully stated them at the meeting,” Kintner stated/

Kintner, who is married to Lauren Kintner, a top aide to Gov. Dave Heineman, is up for re-election this year.

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      1. If the government stayed out of marriage, many couples would probably not bother getting married.

      2. In America, we have marriage between one man and one woman in order to support the natural family. People have done better in societies where the family is supported, and worse in ones that don’t. Look at the bottom half of our society. So, it follows, that if you want our country to do worse, then you would support damaging the type of marriage we now have. When you “change” things, at least half the time it is for the worst. And, lots of people find it satisfying to make things worse for others.

      3. I think few people intentionally hurt others. I think there are many who are so self-involved they don’t stop to see how their actions effect others and there are many who have good intentions but they end up doing more harm than good.
        Finally, there are those few who feel they know better how others should live. As Hank Williams wrote, if you mind your business, then you won’t be mindin’ mine..

      4. O.K., the government that we now have in Washington are the ones shoving homosexual marriage down our throats. Aren’t you keeping up with the news? We now pay taxes to support homosexual couples, married or unmarried, and our insurance premiums have increased to give benefits to unmarried partners. We can’t get it out of the government because of the Left. It is a political cause for them. The ultimate goal of the Left is a one party, two class system, the lower system being very much lower, and that means pushing low morals, along with poor schooling, and a lot of other things. They are working for homosexual marriage to get rid of middle class morals, which are Christian. So, unless you make $250,000 a year, which is their cut off for being rich, you are helping chain yourself to the bottom, by supporting these causes.

      5. I disagree with your analysis of gay-marriage, but as a fiscal conservative I do think the government has gotten way too big. I am not against helping those who need help, and I am not even against universal health care as far too many children are going without. I don’t think Obamacare is the way to go, but it is hard to attack when no other real plans are put out there. I think if Republicans would have tried to help fix Obamacare instead of killing it with no other alternatives, we would have come out looking much better as Republicans.

        Whether true or not, most people see Republicans as the party for the rich who care nothing for the poor.
        What laws would you pass to get the country back on a moral track?

      6. After years and years of brainwashing through the schools and the media, of course the people look at Republicans as being against the poor. You can’t be in the mainstream media or a college professor without having something bad to say about a Republican. Do you think Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Bloomberg, or any Leftist is poor? Who do you think gives money to the Democrats? If you call yourself a fiscal conservative, and help promote fiscal liberal ideas, and you end up helping liberals. Today’s Liberals are not “liberals,” they are leftists. When you hear these people talk about change, which is what the communists and socialists have been doing for years, what do you think they are talking about? Now, as for our health care system, what exactly was wrong with it before? Who wasn’t being served? Didn’t we have county hospitals and a public health system, as well as a private one? What need to be fixed?

      7. I agree the far left have a big influence on the Democratic Party today, but unfortunately the far right seem to have broken down the Republican Party.

        Regarding homosexuals, I agree that there are some radical activists, but then that can be said about any large group. Overall, I think most homosexuals have avoided the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be treated as equals.

        Sometimes you need a radical activist type for your group to be heard, but unless he is your radical activist, he is probably going to be seen as nothing more than a troublemaker. Jesus was seen as quite the troublemaker in his time.

      8. Jesus is still seen as the troublemaker. Homosexuals are not. Thousands of Christians are killed every year for their religious beliefs. In some years, it is over a million. The LGBT movement is about accepting all sorts of deviant behavior, in the public square. Christianity is not about accepting deviant behavior.

      9. A million in one year?

        Someone from the Vatican estimated 1 million Christian martyrs died in the last ten years. They divided that by 10 to estimate 100,000 per year. He defined Christian martyrs as believers in Christ who have lost their lives prematurely, in situations of witness, as a result of human hostility.

        By their estimates, 900,000 of this 1 million died in the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. BTW, this is a war where Christians are killing Christians, possible for religious beliefs, possibly for their ethnicity.

        It is not clear how he came up with the other 100,000 martyrs over 10 years so it is hard to verify. The number of Christian martyrs in the U.S. seems to be very few.

      10. I am not talking about the last ten years. From 1945 to about 1983 twenty million Christians were killed mostly in Asia and Africa. And, Lenin killed 7 million Christians in Russia in a two or three period. Besides, your comparison of homosexuals, cross dressers, etc., to Christ is ridiculous.

      11. Lenin was not alive between 1945 to “about” 1983. He had been dead for 21 years by 1945.

      12. Your original comment was that thousands of Christians are killed every year for their religious beliefs.

        Stalin is the guy who killed lots of people. He took over after Lenin. Even Lenin tried to block Stalin from taking over because he saw Stalin as a mad man. Ironically, Stalin failed out of seminary else he probably would have become a priest.

        Stalin wanted the people to worship him and only him so he did his best to get rid of all religion. To defy him meant death or worse.

        It was the Christian Serbs who killed over 200,000 Muslims from 1992 to 1995. This was when they would gang-rape women and children and called it “ethnic cleansing”.

        You will have to show me where these 20 million deaths occurred as I do not see anything.

      13. The only people who seem to think homosexuality is a deviant behavior is extreme Muslims, and right-wing Judeo-Christians. I see you are in good company.

        In the first Gulf War, of all the countries that were involved, only the U.S. and Iraq (the people we were fighting against) did not allow gays in the military. Of course, we have since evolved on that issue.

      14. George Washington drummed homosexuals out of the military. And, no one that I know of pre 1960 ever thought homosexuality was O.K. I think I am beginning to get the picture on how you get your thrills. So, no more response from me on this issue.

      15. Baron von Steuben saved the American Revolution by training the troops and he was homosexual. Your responses have been light on facts thus far.

      16. 1960 was over fifty years ago, and I have no doubt that is what most people thought, but most people younger than 30 don’t think that way today.

        Apparently you are not used to having to defend your comments. I stand behind everything I have written here. I admit I do enjoy a friendly debate, and I believe I have stayed cordial throughout.

      17. Gays are murdered worldwide as well. All types of religious people are killed over their religious beliefs all over the world. Your point? Homosexuality is not deviant behavior. Do you have any proof of that?

      18. The schools don’t teach students about Republicans, not in the manner you suggest anyway. If you don’t know what needed to be fixed, and some things that still do, then you really need to research the topic. Your time would be better spent doing that if you really care. To compare anyone in our system with communists or socialist is just silly.

      19. When did they force you to get gay married Rebecca?
        When they rammed gay marriage down your throat did they let you choose your lesbian bride or did they provide one for you?
        I haven’t come across anyone else yet who has had it rammed down their throats, so I would be interested to learn more about this.

      20. Gay people pay taxes. They support your heterosexual marriage according to your argument.

      21. Most of the tax codes were written for couples where the wife stayed home and took care of the home (and kids mostly). But that type of marriage is rare today. Most marriages today have couples that both work outside the home, and the kids are left to learn from television and their peers.

        Big fancy houses and new flashy cars seem to be more important than taking care of our own children.

      22. My comment to this is waiting moderation, I think. Leftists were behind getting the Mom out of the home. Marx was against certain types of work, including a Mom taking care of her own kids. We peasants are only valuable as worker bees, working for the government. Doing anything or having anything of our own, isn’t the lefty way. The stuff is for the people at the top. And, we Americans have way too much stuff as it is anyway, according to them. Obama care is less for more. As we are finding out. And, it is on purpose.

      23. Who’s trying to “damage” the type of marriage we have now? Man-woman marriage is still perfectly legal in all fifty states. However, there are same-sex couples who are raising children. Do those families not count? Why do you not want to support those families? If you say because they are not natural families, do you want to take away the protections from man-woman families where the parents have not been able to procreate, but instead have resorted to adoption?

      24. The confused who weren’t paying attention in biology class, seem to have evolved an opinion that you put on a ring, sign a contract and BING there’s the babies.

    1. So what?
      What has making babies got to do with it?
      Stop using babies as a human shield against the realities of life.
      Shielding yourself from a benign and loving group of people by yelling babies babies babies, or attempting to cast out those same people by yelling babies babies babies just indicates an unhealthy obsession that you really ought to get over. Your argument amounts to nothing, and will fail to achieve anything.
      This isn’t about babies. This is about treating other people with respect and love.

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