State Senator Brad Zaun (R-Urbandale) announces his Congressional campaign flanked by his son Drew on the left and Grayson on the right.

Clive, IA – Over 80 supporters stopped by Auto Jet Muffler after lunch hear State Senator Brad Zaun (R-Urbandale) announce that he was running for Congress in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District race.  Zaun who was expected to enter the race after Congressman Tom Latham announced his retirement.  Zaun joins Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz, former Grassley chief of staff David Young, Chairman of The FAMiLY Leader Robert Cramer, and Des Moines teacher Joe Grandanette.

Zaun said that, much to his surprise, it was his wife Dede who encouraged him to run for Congress again after Latham announced his retirement.  Zaun said he knows how to work with those across the aisle without sacrificing his principles.  He said he also has the ability to stand up to leadership within his own party.  “We need someone who at times will stand up to the leadership, which I’ve done down at the Capitol, when the Republicans are wrong I tell them that they are wrong,” Zaun stated.  “When the Democrats are wrong – which they are wrong about 97% of the time – I tell them that they are wrong.”

“I call a spade a spade,” Zaun added.  “I tell it like it is.  If you don’t like it I’m sorry.  I promise you this – I listen then I form my opinion and I do what I think is right in my heart.”

Zaun promised that he would run a different race not repeating the mistakes made after his 2010 loss to then incumbent Congressman Leonard Boswell.  Boswell initiated personal attacks on Zaun, which in the opinion of many observers, he waited too long to respond to.  He said after his announcement speech that he would not repeat that mistake.  He said he would not let dirty tactics and politic attacks go unchallenged.  “I’m smarter this time.  I go into this with my eyes wide open.  I’ve learned a lot of lessons.  I am going to be a lot more relaxed this time,” Zaun said.  “We did some positive things last time, but we are going to address the negative things that are out there as well.”

“This is what separates me from some of the good people in this race.  I have real experience in creating jobs, balancing budgets and cutting taxes,” Zaun told supporters.  Additionally Zaun told Caffeinated Thoughts that his experience is what sets him apart among those running in the Republican primary.  “I’ve got a record.  I’ve been in the legislature.  I’ve got a lot of business experience,” he said.  Zaun has owned a family hardware store for 18 years.  He also served as Urbandale’s mayor prior to being elected in the Iowa Senate where he has served for eight years.  Later he told reporters, “I’ve taken votes.  I stood up.  You don’t have to guess who I am and where I am going to be on issues.”  He said other than the Secretary of State he is the only one who has a record of any kind, and he is the only one who has taken votes as a city council member, mayor and state senator.

He also promised to term limit himself.  “I’ve never made this public service thing a full time gig,” Zaun told Caffeinated Thoughts.  “I have a term-limit bill down at the Capitol that says you can’t be there more than 12 years.  I will abide by that and I will be pushing it down in Washington, DC.  I certainly won’t be making a career out of it.”

Watch Zaun’s announcement speech below:

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  1. A well done event for sure…even in a crowded field I like his chances. He will finish in the top 2 of vote getters without a doubt.

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