Two Republicans. David Fischer and Crystal Bruntz, have declared their candidacy in Iowa Senate District 15 which includes Eastern Polk and Jasper County.  The nominee will likely run against incumbent State Senator Dennis Black (R-Newton) who has said he would run for a sixth term.

Fischer of Altoona announced yesterday that he was stepping down as co-chair of the Republican Party of Iowa in order to run.  It has been long suspected that Fischer would run for some office, but many thought it would be for the U.S. Senate.  Fischer, Caffeinated Thoughts has been told, also considered a running for the Iowa 3rd Congressional District seat.  Fischer on Facebook announced with a fundraising plea.

Fischer said, “I believe Iowans are conservative by nature and I can energize people to work together to advance our conservative ideas.

While Fischer pointed out his accomplishments while acting as the co-chair.

*We took bold stances in rejecting tax hikes – even those advanced by members of our own party.

*We rose in strong defense of our second amendment rights, speaking out as an Iowa legislator called for government confiscation of basic firearms from law-abiding Iowans.

*We stood for our fourth amendment rights, calling out the government’s incessant invasion of our privacy as they watch us and monitor our phone calls, emails, and text messages.

*For the first time ever, the Iowa GOP hosted a special day-long event with Governor Mike Huckabee dedicated to defending Life – the first-ever such event for a state Republican party.

*We hosted three exciting new members of the U.S. Senate: Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ted Cruz of Texas, and Mike Lee of Utah.

*We even organized a broad coalition of Iowa conservatives to rise up in opposition to President Obama’s half-baked plans to send our troops into the middle of a civil war in Syria.

He then said, “I want Iowans to enjoy more freedom and more prosperity, which means a smaller government that’s transparent and held accountable to the hard-working Iowans who pay for it all.”

Bruntz, a human resources executive with Kum & Go from Baxter, also announced her candidacy.

Bruntz, a Central College accounting graduate, said she is a proponent of responsible budgeting principles. She added that her job allows her the opportunity to see firsthand the burdens government regulation has on hard-working Iowans. Eliminating this burden is a priority she will champion in the Iowa Senate.

“Iowans have to live within their means and government at all levels should do the same. Those charged with the stewardship over our tax dollars would be wise to remember that a government should not spend more than what it collects in taxes and fees,” Bruntz said. “With the federal government overstepping these bounds, states are put in a position of ‘forced’ spending. The state government must adhere to the law and not waste Iowa taxpayer money. A state in a strong financial position will be capable of adjusting to changing situations without creating additional hardships for taxpayers.”

She is making education the centerpiece of her campaign.  “Education directives should be in the hands of the parents and they should be able to determine what is best for their child: public, private, or home-schooling,” Bruntz said. “We must also embrace new methods and technologies to enhance learning at all levels.”

She said having lived in the area for 25 years she is looking forward to getting to know Iowa Senate District 15 voters.

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