iowa-caucusTonight in Pleasant Hill 1 I submitted planks from Iowa for Local Control, Iowa Right to Life, The FAMiLY Leader (minus their Common Core planks since I did Iowa for Local Control), and Iowans for Tax Relief.  I also am back on the Polk County Republican Central Committee after a two-year hiatus. 

I haven’t done an open thread in quite some time.  So let me ask you:

  • Anything stand out in your caucus?
  • Did any candidate visit or did you have somebody speak on their behalf?
  • Was their any candidate missing their nomination petition paperwork?
  • How involved was the Branstad/Reynolds campaign in your caucus?
  • Any evidence of liberty folks?

Mine was rather uneventful (Pleasant Hill & some East Des Moines precincts).  We just submitted planks to be hashed out by the county platform committee.  No candidate or candidate representative spoke.  The only thing I would really deem odd was that my precinct temp chair had no idea how he was named temp chair.  He isn’t on the Polk County GOP Central Committee and didn’t sign up for anything.  He thought it was strange too, but he did fine and we made him the permanent chair.

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