Here is some reaction from Iowa Republicans to President Obama’s State of the Union address.

Matt Whitaker, candidate for U.S. Senate:

Tonight we heard another State of the Union address from President Obama—and after more than 5 years in office the themes and proposed solutions we heard are very similar to his past addresses.

The reason for this is very simple.  President Obama and Congressional Democrats like Bruce Braley refuse to enact policies that encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

They have failed to grow the economy, failed to provide the confidence necessary to spark job creation, and failed to elevate our hard working middle-class to where they deserve to be.

The truth is that no matter how many years it is tried—this country will never be returned to full-strength by growing government, increasing taxes, creating massive new programs like Obamacare, and spending money we don’t have.

The President spoke tonight about income equality—but it is clear he doesn’t understand big government policies take away upward mobility and that true economic freedom benefits us all.

The reason I am running to represent you in the United States Senate is because I know that the full promise of America will only be realized when our government once again respects its Constitutional role, embraces the free-market system our economy thrives on, and most of all respects the will of its people.

While the state of our union has been rough over the last several years, America’s future potential remains unlimited.  I believe that the only way to guarantee this is by empowering and entrusting the future of every American to themselves and not to government.

This is the message I am proud to carry—and this is how we will achieve a union that remains strong for generations.

State Senator Joni Ernst, Candidate for U.S. Senate:

Tonight, in his fifth State of the Union address, I hoped that President Obama would focus on true substance rather than election-year rhetoric.  What our country needs is not just another inspirational speech with hollow words. We need a long term vision for this country.

We need real solutions.  Solutions that work for people like you, and me, and Iowans all across our state.  When I grew up in Southwest Iowa, we lived simply and within our means.  My mom made my clothes, and we canned our own food.  We didn’t have a lot, but I never knew it because we had everything we needed.  We didn’t look to big government for answers.  We relied on ourselves and looked to our neighbors and community when we needed help.  We had each other, and we had Iowa values.

We need more Iowa values in Washington, D.C. Rather than addressing the problems our nation faces, like a weak economy that isn’t producing jobs, and a healthcare policy that has led to more people losing their healthcare than gaining it, the President hid behind class warfare.  Since Obama first took office five years ago, 14 million more people are on food stamps for a total of 47 million, the number of people actually working has dropped to a 35 year low, and $6 trillion has been added to the debt.  Life is actually getting worse for the middles class. This is unacceptable for our nation and our citizens and the last thing we need is another broken promise from this Administration to fix it.

We need real action from President Obama and his allies in Congress, on items that have proven to get the economy moving again – like tax cuts, that put more money directly back into the hands of our families, and lead businesses to hire. We need to put an end to burdensome regulations and get the government out doing things best left to the private sector, such as Bruce Braley’s Obamacare. This is what mothers and families, millenials and baby boomers, across our state and across this country, like me, really want to hear from the president – more freedom and more opportunity and less government.

I have record in the Iowa Senate of fighting for our Iowa values, and that’s what I’ll do in Washington.  I’m a mother, I’m a soldier, and I’m a conservative.  I’m Joni Ernst, and I’m running for US Senate.

Secretary of State Matt Schultz, Candidate for Congress in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District:

Bypassing Congress is no solution to fixing the problems in Washington. Restoring the promise of America is not done by executive order.  Once again the President comes to the American people with false promises and few solutions to our problems.  In Congress, I will provide a stark contrast to the President by fighting to repeal Obama’s unaffordable healthcare law and replace it with a free market solution. To fix Washington I will sponsor Constitutional amendments to balanced the federal budget and require term limits for the United States Congress.

Sam Clovis, candidate for U.S. Senate:

When are we going to hear solid, constructive solutions to the very problems this President and his administration have created.  Perhaps at no other time in American history has a chief executive shown such disdain for the rule of law, the Constitution or the American people.  We are not stupid and no one is buying what he continues to try to sell.”  Clovis continued by saying that Obama continues to offer the tired, failed options out of the liberal playbook—no imagination, no depth and no plan.  “The President is not believable and has lost the trust of the American people.

This administration, through its ineptitude and neglect, has created an environment of uncertainty for all Americans.  The role of government should be to remove uncertainty, enhance liberty and allow every American to reach his or her potential.  Quite the opposite is taking place in every home and family today.  This is wrong, unpatriotic and immoral.  The current environment that seems to reward politicians, regardless of party, who seem content to be part of the ruling class needs to be changed.  And every time we elect someone who wants to be part of the current system, we endorse further erosion of liberty.  We, the people, must be offered choices in those seeking office who will have the will and courage to do what is best for the nation.  In this race, that person is me.

I agree with Senator Mike Lee when he said that the new inequality comes from government every time it takes something from the people and forcefully redistributes those benefits to others.  This is contrary to everything we value.  This is not a monarchy.  This government of soft tyranny is destroying liberty every day.  I will be that U.S. Senator who will listen to my constituents, vote with their best interests in mind and do what is best for the country.

A.J. Spiker, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa:

As I listened to President Obama’s speech this evening, I continued to question how the President continues to promise, promise, promise. The President claimed Obamacare is getting better and citizens are getting better coverage. More than five million people experienced the cancellation of their coverage with the implementation of Obamacare. The President’s failed policies continue to emphasize the government’s role in creating jobs and trying to control business decisions by increased regulations. Millions of people across the country are clearly not better off than they were a year ago.

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