Des Moines, IA – State Senator Joni Ernst’s U.S. Senate campaign launched a new website, web ad, and advertising campaign that asks “Who is Mark Jacobs?”  Sam Clovis’ camapaign also criticized Mark Jacobs in a fundraising email sent to supporters today.

Ernst’s web ad highlights Republican primary candidate Mark Jacobs’ documented support of job-killing cap and trade policies…and his subsequent statements that he really did not mean it when he publicly stated his support.

The campaign says the web ad shows Iowans that in the three decades before his return to Iowa, Mark Jacobs supported cap and trade policies that have been championed by liberals like Iowa’s own Democrat Representative and Senate candidate Bruce Braley.  They state that  Jacobs has a record of supporting the same types of environmental policies that President Obama briefly addressed in his State of the Union address.  The web ad asks the question, “if Iowa Republicans can’t trust Mark Jacobs to tell us the truth on something as obvious as opposing President Obama’s job killing cap and trade legislation, what can we trust him on?”

“Before he had to worry about getting elected and while he was still living in Texas, multiple public records evidence that Mark Jacobs was a huge supporter and advocate of cap and trade legislation – legislation that would ultimately increase energy costs for everyday Iowans and cost us jobs.  However, now that he has come to Iowa to seek statewide office he stunningly and inexplicably wants Iowans to believe he didn’t mean what he said?” said Ernst campaign spokesman Derek Flowers.

Caffeinated Thoughts contacted Mark Jacobs campaign and they declined to comment on the ad.

The full ad text reads:

When Mark Jacobs was running a big energy company in Texas, he lobbied for federal cap and trade legislation which we all know will kill Iowa jobs and lead to higher electrical bills for all of us.  That’s right, Mark Jacobs stood for cap and trade, just like Democrats Barack Obama and Bruce Braley.

But now that Jacobs has moved to Iowa to run for the US Senate, he has changed his tune, saying he didn’t really mean it when he said he supported cap and trade.

So let’s get this straight.  In Texas, Jacobs supports cap and trade.  But now that Jacobs has moved to Iowa to run for Senate he wants us to believe he didn’t really mean what he said?

If Iowa Republicans can’t trust Mark Jacobs to tell us the truth on something as obvious as opposing President Obama’s job-killing cap and trade legislation, what can we trust him on?

Kind of makes your head spin, doesn’t it?

We don’t need an Obama-Braley clone in the Senate.  Go to WhoIsMarkJacobs.com and sign our petition telling Mark Jacobs that pretending you never supported cap and trade is just as bad as supporting it in the first place.

We can’t afford another typical politician in the Senate.


Sam Clovis’ campaign just sent out this fundraising email this afternoon you can see it below



As the Republican primary approaches, it is our duty as conservatives to nominate the best candidate with the greatest contrast to Congressman Bruce Braley, President Obama, and Majority Leader Harry Reid in November.  Unfortunately, one candidate running for the Republican nomination is anything but a conservative.

In 2007, Mark Jacobs, “Republican” candidate for U.S. Senate, was quoted saying the “Cap-and-Trade system works very well.”  In 2009, Congressman Bruce Braley, the presumptive Democratic nominee, voted in favor of the Waxman-Markey Cap-and-Trade legislation that would have destroyed nearly 31,500 jobs here in Iowa and would have increased the average Iowan families’ electricity bill by more than $1,076 per year.

This begs us to ask the question, why does Mark Jacobs want to drive Iowa off the Cap and Trade cliff?

Your donation today of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 or even $2600 will ensure we nominate a real conservative Republican who will represent the greatest contrast to Bruce Braley.

You have a choice in the primary in June.  You can elect a liberal like Mark Jacobs who would stand with Harry Reid, Barack Obama and Bruce Braley or you can elect a conservative, who will not cave to party leadership, will not go along to get along with special interests and Washington elites and who will represent the values of Iowans.

Join my campaign today by donating $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 or even $2600 and let’s elect a conservative to send to Washington, not another Harry Reid or Bruce Braley in Mark Jacobs.

Fighting for Iowa,

Sam Clovis

P.S. I ’m building a 99 county grassroots team that in a multicandidate election will provide me with the ability to get-out-the-vote on Election Day and win this primary. Please sign up today and make your generous contribution  to my campaign of $100, $250, $500 or up to $2,600 to elect a true conservative to the U.S. Senate  and change the course career politicians in Washington have put us on.

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