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Stan Gustafson (R-Cumming), age 71, beat Pam Deichman (D-Winterset), age 59, handily 69% (1619 votes) to 30% (695 votes) in today’s special election in Iowa House District 25.

Gustafson won the Republican nomination during a special nominating convention on December 2..  Democrats picked Deichmann during a special nominating convention on December 9.  The special election followed the resignation of State Representative Julian Garrett who won the special election in Iowa Senate District 13.

Iowa House District 25 includes Madison County, the cities of Bevington, Milo and Norwalk, plus Jackson, Otter, Squaw, Virginia and White Oak townships in Warren County. It also covers all of Linn Township that is south of Cumming.

Iowa GOP Chairman A.J. Spiker issued a formal congratulatory statement to newly elected State Representative Stan Gustafson.  "I’m pleased to congratulate Stan Gustafson on his decisive victory and welcome him as the incoming State Representative for District 25," said Spiker. "Mr. Gustafson worked hard, talked with voters and the results overwhelmingly showed that Iowans in HD 25 wanted a leader who wants less government and more freedom."

  1. Stan Gustafson was one of 3 Community Service District Board members who were recalled in 2005 in my community of Los Osos California. They left us bankrupt and polluted, and Stan ran far away after his many quite evil deeds. He forced old people from their life long homes and some died soon after moving. He dumped toxic dirt into salmon streams. He had activists who opposed him arrested on false charges. He is an evil despicable criminal who misrepresented the nature of his military service. He was the leader of a cabal who vowed to ‘spend the community into submission’, moving ahead with a 6 million dollar expenditure mere weeks before the recall election date. This is the worst example of political malfeasance in California history and part of the historical record.

    Joey Racano, Director
    California Ocean Outfall Group

      1. Shane, there is more documentation on this person than you have room to print about. If anyone from Iowa bothered to do their homework, he never would’ve been nominated. I suspect the tag “republican”, “god” and “marine” is enough in his district and no one looked any further.

        Joey, please send the supporting documentation… But I suspect it’s a waste of time with these people.

        Good luck Iowa, your penance for not doing your homework is now having to deal with Gustafson. Thankfully for us we ran him out of Los Osos and California. Glad he found a home so he will never come back.

      2. Can’t say I’m into tarring and feathering anybody. This is the only story I did on the race which wasn’t much of one.

        But like I said cite documentation. It’s easy to throw rhetorical bombs.

      3. Thank you very much. I spoke today with those who served alongside Stan Gustafson on the 2004-2005 Los Osos CSD and they are getting the presentation ready. I know these ladies, they will give all the background and stay factual. The facts are disturbing. Again, thank you so very much. jr

      4. Documentation is there, but the causes of the woes was not Stan’s alone. The water board threatened and pressed for policies that hurt everyone. The driver was power mongering EPA, and contracts the benefited crony-contractors. It was a sad chapter for the entire community.

  2. Shane, the good old boys wouldn’t let a principled woman represent the district. She doesn’t support common core or funding the killing of babies! They only want a party vote(puppet)
    instead of having some one who represents the people.

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