4171913181_2f48e70d19-225x300Nothing says “I love dead babies” more than a coat hanger pendant necklace.  You can receive your own for the low, low price of a $10 donation (or more) to help more women murder their children.  The D.C. Abortion Fund, a Washington, DC based 501(c)3 organization, is giving donors a coat hanger pendant necklace if they donate $10 or more in order to “help” women and girls (I’m sure they’ll seek parental consent) in DC, Maryland and Virginia who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion.

Their slogan is “Her Rights Shouldn’t Depend On Her Wallet.”  I’d love for somebody to show me where the “right” to murder your unborn baby exists in the Constitution.  I can’t find it.  I do see the Declaration of Independence declare our inalienable right to life, and then we see in the 5th and 14th Amendments that life can not be taken away without due process.  Just saying.  The ultimate question is when “life” begins.  Some believe it is at the moment of delivery as if babies in the womb don’t grow (living things grow), have a heart beat, kick, or feel pain.  They do.

Others think “hey why stop at delivery?”  God who is the author of life and the giver of our right to life said that He knitted us together in our mothers womb and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139:13-14).  Life begins at conception, and if it life truly does begin at conception (which frankly medical evidence backs up) then there is no good reason for abortion to be legal.

I know the abortion industry likes using the hangar image to remind people of the “barbaric” times when you couldn’t kill your unborn child legally so women (and probably more often than not men pressuring women to “unburden” themselves) would go to a back alley abortionists.

Yes killing your child is so much safer now.

So go ahead and donate and be loud and proud that you love dead babies because that is what you support when you support abortion.  If you truly support “choice” then promote adoption.  Here is a good place you can donate, and here is another one.

      1. You’ve probably helped raise more funds for the DC agency than any other single person. Thanks.

  1. The idea that any woman would be so eager to kill her child by using a coat hanger is simply depraved. The lie being peddled by the abortion industry is that if abortion is made illegal, women will return to such barbaric measures. However, we know know that prior to Roe v. Wade back alley abortions and coat hanger abortions were comparatively rare. Meanwhile, the Gosnell case and other testimonies show that after Roe v. Wade, such kinds of abortions are becoming the norm, as there is little or no difference between what goes on in a modern abortion factory and what went on in a back alley abortion clinic, and many modern abortion instruments are little different from coat hangers–just shinier versions of the same thing.

  2. It’s interesting that we demonize Hitler for killing 6 million Jews, but we don’t bat an eye to the fact that in the US, over 55 million babies have been murdered via abortion since Roe vs Wade.

    1. Isn’t it interesting the women did not just *start* having abortions when Roe vs Wade made it legal in the US? Do you really think that no woman ended a pregnancy prior to that ruling? Ancient history documents abortion – and other methods of ending a pregnancy – and is rife with the methods used. Abortion did not start with Roe vs Wade and you conveniently ignore the beliefs and history documented in much, much older civilizations.

  3. Thanks to all you supporters of Christian Sharia for making me aware of this fabulous jewelry. Ordered one for myself and each of my sisters as early Christmas presents. Mom will be so jealous!

  4. Women have been ending their pregnancies since the beginning of time. Making abortion illegal will not prevent it: it will simply drive them back into the back alleys where quacks and a non-sterile environment risks the mother’s life, too. I see millions of people wearing crucifixes around their necks. Does that mean they are celebrating the death of Christ?

    1. “Does that mean they are celebrating the death of Christ.”

      Actually yes, but only with the Resurrection in mind. We celebrate because Christ’s death was an act of selfless love for sinful humanity. Abortion is inherently a selfish act.

      1. And the coat-hanger is a celebration of how far we’ve come – by reminding us of how it *used* to be – by giving woman a safe environment for this medical procedure. As I stated, women have elected to end pregnancies forever – whatever their personal reasons are. The fact is, a woman is already a living, breathing entity unto her own right and, therefore, her needs supersede those of a soul who isn’t even here yet.

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