Joni Ernst at NICHE Homeschool Day at the Capitol
Joni Ernst Speaking at NICHE Homeschool Day at the Capitol
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The numbers are in, and mother, soldier and proven full-spectrum conservative, Joni Ernst, continues to lead the field in total dollars raised in the Republican primary for Iowa’s open U.S. Senate seat. In the first quarter of 2014, Joni raised $275,014 from over 1,739 donors. At the end of the reporting period, Team Joni has $427,201 cash on hand.

“I am honored to have earned the confidence and support of so many hard-working men and women from across our state and nation. Our plan to bring a healthy dose of Iowa values to fix the mess in Washington, D.C. is certainly resonating and has led to the great momentum we continue to experience on all fronts,” Ernst stated.

These strong first quarter numbers come amidst growing momentum for Joni Ernst’s campaign.

Key points:

  • Joni Ernst has raised the most to date from donors in the entire Republican Primary field for Senate. Joni has raised a total of $740,836 compared to $710,000 raised from donors by Texas energy executive Mark Jacobs.
  • Joni Ernst ends Q1 with the most cash on hand. Joni heads toward June 3 with $427,201 in the bank. Jacobs reports $353,123 cash on hand.
  • Joni’s donor base continues to grow. From 502 individual donations in Q3 to 1,100 in Q4 and 1,739 donations so far in 2014, Team Joni is showing continued momentum as the proven full spectrum conservative in the race.
  • Joni has received donations from contributors in all of Iowa’s 99 counties,showing the breadth of her support amongst grassroots Iowans.
  • Joni has received donations from contributors in all 50 states, showing that major donors and grassroots activists across the country view Iowa as the path to regaining Republican control of the U.S. Senate and Joni Ernst as the Republican that can win.
  • Joni Ernst has made no personal loans to her campaign and her campaign will report no debt. This separates her from many of her primary opponents.
  • As evidenced by public polling released in April, Joni Ernst is trending on an a steady, upward climb to the top of the field in the Republican primary despite being massively outspent by her self-funding opponent – previously by 100-to-1 in television advertising alone.
  • In Q1, Team Joni spent $137,328. By comparison, Jacobs spent $1.34 million, an amazing 10-to-1 ratio.

Joni has earned the support of Iowa’s Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds and dozens of current and former local elected officials across the state, as well as the endorsements of Governors Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin.

Despite competing against a campaign that is massively self-financed by one of her opponents,three public polls in recent weeks have shown Joni leading or in a statistical dead heat for the lead for the June 3rd primary election.

Additionally, this week Joni launched her first broadcast television buy of her hit ad “Squeal,” and earlier this week it was announced that Governor Sarah Palin will hold a rally in Des Moines later this month featuring Joni Ernst.

For more information about Joni Ernst and her candidacy for United States Senate, please visit, follow the campaign on Facebook and on Twitter.

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