Screen capture from Joni Ernst’s last TV ad.

Yesterday, the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund endorsed Joni Ernst, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Iowa.  The NRA, established in 1871, represents more than five million members nationwide and is the nation’s leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners and is America’s foremost defender of Second Amendment rights.

In announcing the decision, Chris W. Cox, Chairman of the NRA-PVF, said, “Joni Ernst has consistently opposed all attempts to restrict gun rights and has been a true friend of the Second Amendment.  She is one great example of NRA moms all across this country fighting for our freedoms. She’s the only candidate in this race with a proven record of defending our rights. I urge all NRA members, gun-owners, and sportsmen in Iowa to vote for Joni Ernst in the June 3rdRepublican primary.”

In response to the endorsement, mother, soldier, and proven conservative Joni Ernst stated, “I am honored to receive the endorsement of the NRA – an organization that does so much to educate, train and defend the rights of law-abiding gun owners. In Iowa, I have a proven record of fighting to defend our shared Second Amendment right, and I will continue to do so in Washington as Iowa’s next U.S. Senator.”

Joni Ernst is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Iowa National Guard, who is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and opposes efforts by the government to infringe upon this fundamental right. Joni is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, and is the only candidate in the race for senate to hold an “A” rating from the NRA. Joni holds a concealed carry permit, and actually carries, and is Army qualified on the 9mm.

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  1. I hate the NRA because a 4-year old boy shot and killed himself today with a gun that probably would never have even been manufactured were it not for the efforts of the NRA to flood America with guns. But we don’t really need to concern ourselves with this boy’s death because, according to the NRA other kids also died in car accidents today. And to help make sure this unfortunate event is quickly forgotten, the NRA has successfully lobbied to prevent the CDC from getting the funding it needs to research what can be done to prevent future tragedies like this that will happen tomorrow and the next day to 503 of America’s children each and every year. The NRA wants to keep this quiet because it is scared to death that if more people knew what happened to 4-year old Cash Irby, new laws might be enacted that would impose greater restrictions upon firearms that could have saved his life. You have to live in an NRA fantasy bubble isolated far away from reality to understand that Cash Irby Jr’s life was a small price to pay so that others can feel safer with their guns at home in spite of the statistical facts that prove if you keep a gun in your home you or a family member are 20 times more likely to be shot with it than a burglar. Quick NRA! Wash those hands before someone sees Cash Irby’s blood all over them. This is one of far far too many reasons why I hate the NRA and everything it stands for. Cash did not deserve to die and never would have died were it not for the efforts of the NRA to sale as many guns as it can under the guise of protecting second amendment freedom. Explain that “freedom” to Cash Irby Jr.

      1. Sensible, rational and common sense logic. Is there another type you prefer to use?

      2. I’d love to Rebecca except for one small problem. How can anyone explain rational concepts to an irrational and highly deluded mind?

      3. Oh, so you can read minds. Can you read me my fortune? And, btw, the NRA has had a program for gun safety for children for many years. It could have helped the parents if they would have had it in school. They would have known better than to leave a gun out around children. Personal responsibility needs to be taught in schools, and not name calling.

      4. I don’t have to read minds Rebecca to get the drift of what’s going on inside your head based upon your questions. And speaking about people who are not too smart, did it ever occur to you that some people are less smart than others and that as a result everyone is not capable of being as responsible as everyone else. In other words, most people are too stupid to own guns as evidenced by the fact so many would defend an organization like the NRA whose only interest is to suck hard earned cash out of the pockets of stupid people.

      5. Did it ever occur to you that you are not even close to being smart or logical? You haven’t said one sensible thing so far. You can’t even stay on topic. And, you certainly aren’t in the league of the founders of the country who had you in mind when they wrote the 2nd Amendment. Now, the crazed Karl Marx would agree with you and wrote about confiscating guns as well as getting rid of Christianity and the family, and he was all for murdering people. Mexico is a Marxian country and they allow no guns, and yet they have thousands of murders every from gun violence. Should we be like Mexico?

      6. I don’t want to argue with you because no matter what I say you will never change your warped and sick beliefs that guns and the killing they do are somehow a good thing. Were it not for the guns Mexico gets from the US, its murder rate would be far far less than it is today. It is people like you that have contributed to this sad fact. Prepare yourself for the emotional shock you may not survive, where all guns are removed from public hands in the US. You can’t hold back the tide of progress, truth or rationalism no matter how fixated you are in your dark and paranoid view of the past. The simple fact is that humans are too emotionally unstable to have access to killing toys and as long as they do we will continue to have the daily slaughter of 8-children and 75-adults. I am both smart and extremely logical far beyond anything you could ever comprehend. And I am not alone in my understandings that confront the irrationalism, death and blatant ignorance you attempt to be the spokesperson for. The movements to remove the NRA and its lobbies from the political arena have already begun. We The People have had enought stupidity and if we must drag you kicking and screaming into a brighter gunless future so be it. You and those like you killed this poor boy and all the other children who must die before you are forced to take the plate out of your lower lip and advance to a more civilized society. And one last thing before I leave you to your tourchered existence you poor, savage fool. The god you love and pray to is no more real than all the other imaginary gods people of other religions pray to. If you were the least bit rational and honest you would understand this. You are going to die and that will be the end of you whether you like that story or not. The only thing that awaits you is the same nothingness from which you came. Stop running from the reality you were born into because it cares nothing about what you feel or think. In 100 short years we will all be dead and long forgotten along with every other being that once thought he or she was something special.

      7. I hope and pray you keep taking your medications. And, I hope you have a family to take care of you. Your dark side has taken over. Your hatred for the light is obvious. Gee, what do you have in store for America? A thousand years of darkness? Is your smart brain getting direct messages about what to do about people like me? Your envy is eating away at you.

      8. Well, I guess I won’t reply anymore. I get a death threat from someone and I’m supposed to be civil?

      9. Rebecca, I didn’t see the death threat… I apologize for that. I will read through the thread, ban him, and delete the comment. People who do that don’t deserve the warning.

      10. Thank you for banning him. I try to be civil, but not necessarily agreeable with someone like Pat. You meet all kinds on the net. I like to see where people are going with their ideas from the safety of my home. I saw a threat to the country with me right in the middle of it- and this guy doesn’t know me at all.

      11. I didn’t see a death threat per se, but his last comment was way, way over the top and definitely in clear violation of our comment policy. He has been banned.

      12. Sorry Shane… Didn’t intend anything as a personal attack. Will tone it down.

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