Washington, D.C. – Prominent statehood leader, Dr. Ricardo Rossello, filed a complaint today before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights against the Obama administration, the Governor of Puerto Rico and the legislature of the island, arguing that they have failed to recognize the results of the state plebiscite, held on November 6, 2013, through which the majority of the people of Puerto Rico chose to end the current territorial status (53.97%) and voted in support of joining the Union as a state (61.16%).

“For decades Washington has said that it’s up to the people of Puerto Rico to resolve the question of their political status,” said Alfonso Aguilar, Executive Director of the American Principles Project’s Latino Partnership. “Well, the people of Puerto Rico spoke loud and clear on November of 2012, as they called for an end to the current territorial status and supporting statehood for the Island. Yet, President Obama and Congress have chosen to ignore the results of the November plebiscite, and have done nothing to respond to the will of the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico.”

“Their inaction and lack of leadership only helps to prolong the unequal treatment afforded to the citizens of the Island. I hope this complaint helps bring national attention to the lack of full civil rights of the people of Puerto Rico and pressures the federal government to finally end the undemocratic political arrangement of the island,” Aguilar concluded.

Photo Credit: Alex Barth (CC-By-2.0)

  1. Lets see if that anti american troll (José Maisonet Díaz Carazo) appears with his copy paste argument over statehood having” lost”,because “we must count the blanc ballots” LOL.

  2. I don’t believe that Congress and Obama have ignored the people of PR, I think some of the elected US citizens of PR have ignored the non-elected US citizens of PR. It is clear over the past year and a half that there have been appropriations and hearings involving this issue and it has been placed in the hands of the parties who wish to do something(statehooders & independence supporters) or not about it (status quo supporters). Since those in the governors office are trying to lure rich people, it is not in their best interest to make PR a state, so they are postponing the inevitable in order to fix a financial crisis that has been rooted in the status issue from its inception. It is not the fault of the US Congress and President.

    There is an unmistakable lack of unity amongst Puerto Ricans as we seem to hold no loyalties to our own people and there is little to be done about entrenched minds at this point but to see them fade with time. Despite all of the evidence of human rights violations(the current status must and cannot continue due to question 1) and continuous abuse in the form of having to beg to be included in every piece of Federal Legislation, the people of PR do not seem to want to search for the truth as to what each status means and how it will affect their lives and the lives of their future offspring.
    It is an enchanting island after all, I guess my head would be in the clouds if I lived there too.

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