From WHO-TV: Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines announced they had to layoff 29 employees.  They have also had to reduce manager pay, pay for directorships, reducing hours for certain jobs, and not filling empty positions.  This is due to the hospital having to cut $38 million.  Mercy said the reason for the cuts was due to low payments from Medicaid along with changes that are associated with the “Affordable Care Act.”

The “Affordable Care Act” sure isn’t “affordable” for those who are losing their jobs, having their pay frozen or seeing their hours reduced.

You watch the news report below:

  1. People get laid off all the time. Being frugal and cutting out the waste used to be a Republican attribute. I know of no one who doesn’t think medical costs are out of control.

    I remember a company in Ankeny that almost went under. They restructured. Got rid of a bunch of middle management. They turned things around and are still in operation over fifteen years later.

    Republicans should have stepped up to help fix the problem once it became law. They could have been heroes. Isn’t following man’s law part of being a good Christian? It’s in several scripture.

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