Officials at Brawley Union High School in Brawley, CA told class of 2014 Salutatorian Brooks Hamby that he was not to reference his personal faith in Christ during his address to his fellow graduates.

The Desert Review reports that he discussed that ordeal during his address instead.

Perhaps the most edifying were the words of Hamby. He spoke on how his speech was denied three times due to references to his personal faith.

He reminded his fellow classmates that people in history raised the bar of mankind when they refused to be compromised when told to live according to inferior standards and denying what you know to be moral, and good, upright and honest.

He quoted Matthew 5:13 without referencing chapter and verse.  He also encouraged students to stand for their values no matter the consequences and then said, “may the God of the Bible bless you each and every one of you.”

You can watch his remarks below:


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  1. Some of these young kids are obviously smarter than we are – Thank God……………..

  2. This kind of thing makes me angry at adults, and I’m sorry to lump all government employees into one group, but there is no censorship problem in the country outside of government bureaucracies at all levels of government. I pray for the souls of government workers who don’t have the guts to stand up to your public unions or your leaders. You are weak because you don’t know the God Mr. Hamby knows. Your god is your salary, or your pension which Mr. Hamby and all the Christians in this nation pay for. The constitution of the United States of America not only protects Mr. Hamby’s right to speak freely but it also protects your rights to allow him the honor.

    Cowards! You are all cowards.

    Mr. Hamby said in his speech: “No man or woman has ever truly succeeded or been fulfilled on the account of…not standing on what they knew in their heart was right or good.” That was a direct slap in the face of the censors.

    Denying Mr. Hamby’s peers the benefit of listening to his personal insights is an atrocity; an outrage in a day when public school children are barraged with wickedness yet from the very authorities in the school system. Shame on you workers of iniquity.

  3. The Bible makes several references that you should follow man’s law. Mr. Hamby did not. Would you be so quick to defend him if he were Muslim and disregarded the law? The attack is not against your religious liberties but on our constitution.

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