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How about this? We take care of Central America’s kids, and Central America pays off our national debt… For OUR kids.  What?–Too much fairness?

We know the radical left will do anything for the kids in the name of fairness (except to protect them in the womb). But in my opinion, the debate shouldn’t just be about foreign innocent kids. What about saddling our own domestic innocent kids with more than $17 trillion in fiscal operating debt and hundreds of trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities? Do we as a people care about our own homeless, fatherless, sickly kids? Do we care that we are leaving them a nation more indebted than any in the history of the world? If we do, then secure the border. What we need is a return to what works, and in this case, it is indeed the past–when the border was enforced, and when we had 1/3 as many unaccompanied children crossing over. Remember that, while there is plenty to complain about with our bureaucratic legal immigration system wrapped in red tape and inefficiency, that has nothing to do with border security.

At all.

But it’s funny, isn’t it? The more “inhumane” our immigration system is accused of being by liberal ethnic front groups within the U.S., the more illegals come over! Are they really risking life and limb to seek out more inhumanity, or is there still something about America that captivates the world?

So far it’s pretty one-sided. We have lived in a post-Constitutional society for quite some time now, but I don’t know how much longer our civil society can remain functional for ANY reform whatsoever. Illegals take out loans with deadly drug cartels for trips on “death trains” that end with them supposedly living in the shadows. If that’s true, why would you do that? If America’s economy is truly “recovering,” why are more millionaires leaving the country than ever before? Foreign parents either send their children off alone penniless or leave them behind in worse corruption. How is that “loving,” Jeb Bush? Is that what you do with your kids, Jeb Bush? Illegals brag about their kind “building” this country, yet they want to reform it, remake it, Balkanize it, and transform it. In what reality does that make sense? We are told mass deportations will never work, and yet that’s exactly what President Eisenhower did around the time we actually impressed the world with things like the Interstate Highway system. U.S. citizens of any color or income need photo ID to fly on planes, but illegals don’t, whether they be valedictorians or MS-13 gang members. The EPA wants the power to garnish the wages and property of U.S. citizens without constitutional due process, yet Arizona police are told it is “racist” to ask where 10 Mexicans in a Honda Civic are from and for them to prove it.

America is hated in our public school system, by those within, and by those without, and our leaders are either too cowardly or too corrupted to believe they can stand with We the People. The president laughs at border security meetings and vacations in Martha’s Vineyard with a lower approval rating than Carter. The Supreme Court is at or near an all-time low approval rating. Congress is at the lowest level of any Gallup rating in the history of the world (7%) and yet they want to govern rights they used to attribute to God. So apparently, we know things are bad–we are giving these low approval ratings! So why not fix it as Americans without both political parties going crazy about appeasing the Latino vote and the black vote?

Because We the People are so easily divided against our own house, and yet so easily placated by the news cycle. We are angry, but we channel it in the stupidest, most inconsequential things. Over and over again. Meanwhile, the ruling class politicians repeat the rhetoric that we live in a caste system, like, say, India. Some conservatives actually believe they live in the “middle class,” despite the inability of anyone to define what it is.

When will “We” the People competently define who “we” are? When will more of us vote in primaries before complaining that the two parties are the same? When will flying the U.S. flag in the U.S. stop being a prime way to get yourself sued by ethnic front groups?

Will it be before or after the next 9/11? Before or after the next Pearl Harbor? Before or after a currency collapse? Before or after several states secede? When. When will we realize that dollars don’t vote–people do! When will our 93% disapproval rating with Congress stop reelecting them 80% of the time?

Take a look at some of the pictures of Brazilians weeping over their 1-7 World Cup soccer loss to Germany. What’s happening in our country is sadder than that, because we’re leaving the worst for our own kids.


  1. What about the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 or the fact that a comprehensive immigration bill passed in the Senate died in a Republican controlled Congress? Why not put all the facts on the table?

    Perhaps both sides can drop the partisan crap and work together so we can fix the problem.

  2. Nice article. We should have been in Central America supporting the decent people, and not allowing the gangs to take over their countries. Isn’t it amazing how prepared our government was for this latest “crisis.”

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