We aren’t sure we would call it “magic,” but this is where something happens.
We aren't sure we would call it "magic," but this is where something happens.
We aren’t sure we would call it “magic,” but this is where something happens.

Shane Vander Hart and guest co-host Shawn Barr, filling in for Brian Myers, talk to Jonathan Narcisse who is running for governor for the 2nd time under the Iowa Party banner. Then the guys talk to Mariannette Miller-Meeks who is the Republican nominee in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District race.

They also talk about Rand Paul’s recent comments on the marriage debate.  They also discuss President Obama’s decision to bomb ISIS.  Will this lead to an escalation in Iraq?  Iowa State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald has found that several stations won’t run the ad for College Savings Iowa citing it violates federal guidelines governing political ads.  Those ads, by the way, were paid for by you.  Plus Shane’s first endorsement: vote for the guy running in the North Carolina U.S. Senate race who resigned his city council seat via a letter written in Klingon.

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