Staci Appel and David Young hold divergent views over American terrorist passports.


(Council Bluffs, IA) David Young, the Republican candidate in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, needed to have a solid performance in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District debate. Tonight he delivered.

Young was prepared unlike his Democratic opponent Staci Appel.  Appel brought talking points.  She was quick to point out she was a mom.  She fell far short in providing substantive answers.

Example one.

She was woefully unprepared for the discussion on ISIS.  Young provided tangible ideas that he would press for when elected, for instance, he said that he would urge the State Department to revoke the passports of those who have been involved in a terrorist organization.

Appel said that she did not favor doing that.

Huh?  She is ok with terrorists having a U.S. passport?

Example two.

Staci Appel said she favors a balanced budget, and said that she has a record of working on a balanced budget.  The problem with this statement is that she also, under then Governor Chet Culver helped to increase spending (preschool program that she touted) and helped to make Iowa dependent on federal funds.  Also anyone remember iJobs?  Also she didn’t point out that by law the state has to have a balanced budget.

Young said in the debate that one of the differences between him and Appel – “I like balanced budgets.”

Appel objected to that, and was asked if she would support a balanced budget amendment.  She said that she wouldn’t because you may have to make some uncomfortable cuts.

What you support balanced budgets, but oppose a balanced budget amendment?  That’s nonsensical.

Young said after she answered, “I would support a balanced budget amendment.”

Example three.

With all of her talk of a balanced budget, I didn’t hear Staci Appel propose any spending cuts.

Example four.

Social Security reform, Appel didn’t provide a single idea on how to revamp Social Security in order to make it solvent.  She said that we needed better jobs so there is a larger tax base. Which brings me to my next example…

Example five.

Her answer to what is the number one thing you’d do to impact job creation?  Her answer?  Drum roll please…. Make sure the Small Business Administration was well funded so they could give loans.  Young said lowering the corporate tax rate among other things.

Which do you think would have a greater impact on job creation?  Gee…. let me think about that.

Also she is in favor of raising the minimum wage, but didn’t address the harm it could cause to businesses.  Young stated he was only in favor of increasing the minimum wage if it was coupled with tax credits for small businesses.  Appel seemed to indicate that was the first time he has articulated that position, but it’s not.  Young mentioned two different media events where he discussed it.  I’ve heard him talk about this before as well.

Throughout the night the “independent thinker” Staci Appel did not challenge President Obama’s, and it was even pointed out when she was supporting President Obama’s strategy to support Syrian opposition that even Congressman Dave Loebsack (D-Iowa) said that it’s incredibly difficult to distinguish between friends and enemies in Syria.

The independent thinker also said that while she thinks Congress should be the ones who pass immigration reform she indicated that President Obama’s use of executive power was ok if Congress wasn’t doing anything.


I didn’t even mention the numerous times throughout the debate she just danced around questions without specifics or had attacks on David Young fall flat.

It was a horrible debate for Appel, she looked like an absolute novice.  That’s not to say I agreed with everything David Young had to say tonight (gas tax), but he made better case why he should be in Washington, not Staci Appel.

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