Alexander Hall - Princeton University Photo credit: Small Bones (Public Domain)
Alexander Hall – Princeton University
Photo credit: Smallbones via Wikimedia (Public Domain)

The great Princeton theologian Archibald Alexander had an excellent Christian education with a fine Presbyterian pedigree, having memorized the Westminster Shorter Catechism by the age of seven, and having been subsequently educated at the academy of the Rev. William Graham in Virginia. Yet later in life Alexander wrote that, as a young man, he had “never heard of anyone who had experienced the new birth.” He had no idea what it was.

Eventually, of course, he experienced it first hand, and became an expert on the spiritual experience of the Believer. But, incredible as it may seem, the man who was to become Princeton Seminary’s first professor was once as ignorant and lost as Nicodemus in John chapter three, in spite of a fine upbringing and a classical Christian liberal arts education.

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