Brian with Dr. Lee Hieb
Brian with Dr. Lee Hieb
Brian with Dr. Lee Hieb

Shane Vander Hart and Brian Myers talk with Adam Gregg, the Republican nominee for Attorney General of Iowa, about why he is running.  The guys also discuss with Adam the poor job that Attorney General Tom Miller has done in his 32 years in office.

Dr. Lee Hieb stopped by our studio in Boone to discuss the Ebola cases in Texas and the outbreak in Liberia.  She offers her medical opinion about what needs to be done to contain the outbreak and prevent further transference.  She also may get a plug in for her gubernatorial campaign.

Brian is still baffled by Staci Appel’s (Democrat candidate in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District race) belief that minimum wage should be raised to $17.00/hour.  He shares some stories from his business experience that demonstrates how the real world works.

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