Brian with Dr. Lee Hieb

Brian with Dr. Lee Hieb
Brian with Dr. Lee Hieb

Shane Vander Hart and Brian Myers talk with Adam Gregg, the Republican nominee for Attorney General of Iowa, about why he is running.  The guys also discuss with Adam the poor job that Attorney General Tom Miller has done in his 32 years in office.

Dr. Lee Hieb stopped by our studio in Boone to discuss the Ebola cases in Texas and the outbreak in Liberia.  She offers her medical opinion about what needs to be done to contain the outbreak and prevent further transference.  She also may get a plug in for her gubernatorial campaign.

Brian is still baffled by Staci Appel’s (Democrat candidate in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District race) belief that minimum wage should be raised to $17.00/hour.  He shares some stories from his business experience that demonstrates how the real world works.

Remember you can listen on air at 8:00a and 6:00p on Saturdays on The Truth Network 99.3 FM if you live in the Des Moines/Ames Metro area.  You can also listen online live here.  Also we are on iTunes!

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  1. I listened to this program today and found it very interesting– I am speaking of the conversation regarding Ebola. For the most part, I thought the conversation was professional and well done, but there were a couple of times where humor/laughter was interjected that I did not find particularly funny due to the seriousness of this subject—- putting the musical tone around the word ‘Ebola’ which occurred a couple of times, and immediately following the statement from Dr. Hieb about the possibility of the virus spreading where she mentioned the example of a pen being chewed by Mr. Duncan.

    Regarding the President making the decision to send troops to help, I thought that this topic could have been handled a little more professionally too, as it seemed the discussion made a mockery of this decision. Apparently the reason for sending the troops is to construct some treatment units (17 was mentioned in an article I just read) as the Liberian health infrastructure is barely able to respond to this crisis. Dr. Hieb indicated that her resolution would be to have Liberia “own this” and shut down their borders. OK, so we abandon these people and let them die? I certainly hope that your Christian beliefs include the idea of being compassionate to others in this world.

    Thank you for letting me express my thoughts and I will be listening intently to the news regarding the Ebola crisis.

    1. Olivia, we take the topic very seriously which is why we spent most of our time talking about it.

      Re. use of humor, that is a matter of taste. It didn’t dominate the segments.

      I don’t think allowing the disease to spread and create a pandemic in the United States is very compassionate either. I agree that aid should be sent. I also support any doctor, medical missionary, etc. who want to go over there to help. Having served in the military – they are not equipped to deal with this. This is not what they are trained for. They do not have the right equipment to protect themselves. To stop the spread, transportation needs to be restricted, there is no other way.

      1. Thank you for your comments.

        Yes, the humor did not dominate the discussion and I agree that this is a matter of taste.

        I will be listening to the news to learn more about why the decision was made to send our military personnel there in spite of the fact that they may not have the right equipment to protect themselves and are not equipped to deal with it. I would think people responsible for making this decision would have thought through this very obvious concern.

        Again, thank you.

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