I haven’t really been following  Texas State Senator Wendy Davis’, AKA Texas Abortion Queen, campaign against Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott in the Texas Governor’s race.  I’ve been too fascinated by the other Texas Democrat poster child to pay much attention.

This ad below has to be one of the nastiest  political ads I’ve seen…. That’s saying something.

She accuses Abbott for hypocrisy since he sued and won a large reward over an accident that caused his partial paralysis.  She then contends as Texas’ Attorney General he’s opposed similar lawsuits.

Personally she’s got to be pretty desperate to run such an ad.

The optics of using an empty wheelchair when your opponent is paraplegic is simply bad regardless of party and it seems to be a desperate move by a candidate that doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.  Her pollster suggests the ad is “effective and working” of course he would.  So apparently Wendy Davis believes the end justifies the means.  I still think she’s going to be dinged even more when the next independent poll comes out.

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  1. When Bob Dole ran, a couple of my liberal friends enjoyed making fun of his handicap, while at the same time had a problem with anyone making fun of “the” handicapped. Go figure. Also, a few years back, the Supreme Court came to the conclusion that it is O. K. to lie in a political ad. So, basically anyone can say any untruthful thing (or mean) about the opposition. Do not vote for a sound bite, and get the word out to the LIV near you.

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