Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) released a new ad in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District race today.

“Iowans will see this ad and be reminded of Steve’s integrity, consistent principles, and effectiveness,” said Michael Stevens, King for Congress Campaign Manager. “We are proud to continue Steve’s long-held tradition of positive ads, and look forward to building on Steve’s double-digit lead in the polls.”

“Always honest and willing to both listen and tell you what he thinks, Steve respects the office he holds and those he represents,” Stevens noted. “Iowans will appreciate this ad among the attacks and negativity populating the airwaves from other candidates.”

This ad reminds me of why many conservatives love Steve King.  He’s a fighter.  He did not go to Washington seeking power and a position for himself, but to represent Iowans with conservative, common sense values.  Frankly it is refreshing to see an ad like this when so many other Republican ads running in the state during this general election cycle take on more a centrist or biographical tone.

King’s ad plays on moderate Republicans and liberals chief complaint – he ruffles feathers.

Here is the transcript of the ad.

“He might be the only good thing left in Washington.  Steve King, cause he’s Iowa. Outspoken, consistent, true to his roots, impossible to intimidate. Tells us Obamacare is a disaster; debt could crush America’s future, that we’ve lost control of our borders. And, he’s right. Yes, Steve King ruffles feathers. But, doesn’t Washington need a ruffle or two?”

Yes Washington does need a ruffle or two.  You can watch the ad below.

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  1. Steve King hasn’t accomplished anything in his 12 years in Congress. He hasn’t helped Iowa or his District. Heck, he hasn’t even gotten more funding to complete the renovation of Hiway 20.

    Problem is, King has ruffled so many feathers in Washington he cannot get anything done even if he wanted to! He has ostracized himself outside of the powers-that-be and is simply a TP spokesman.

    A few feathers he has ruffled ….

    Women … King defended Mo Senator Todd Akin after Akin’s insane statements about a woman’s body “shutting down” and not conceiving after being raped. Akin lost his re-election bid because of that.

    Latinos … King insults these people on a regular basis. His statement of “calves the size of cantaloupes” has become a classical viral statement. He has also compared them to dogs … the “pick of the litter.” His dislike on them is almost palpable.

    Rand Paul … Took off like a shot when 2 “Dreamers” showed up at a fundraiser. Then King proceeds to grab the girl’s hand and interrupt her. I doubt he’s ever coming back to help King.

    Republican Party leadership … King was castigated by Republican Speaker Boehner who called King an “@s_ho!e” (The ONLY person I know of, ever, who was called that by his party leadership). The following Sunday King was further denounced by the rest of the Republican Party leadership on the national Sunday morning TV news programs.

    The Country … King’s part in shutting down the government and costing our country $25 Billion was foolhardy and foolish.

    Ruffling feathers is like being a pebble in somebody’s shoe… it is no way to get things done.
    And like the pebble, life works better when the pebble is removed.Time for King to be retired.

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