Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) released a new ad in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District race today.

“Iowans will see this ad and be reminded of Steve’s integrity, consistent principles, and effectiveness,” said Michael Stevens, King for Congress Campaign Manager. “We are proud to continue Steve’s long-held tradition of positive ads, and look forward to building on Steve’s double-digit lead in the polls.”

“Always honest and willing to both listen and tell you what he thinks, Steve respects the office he holds and those he represents,” Stevens noted. “Iowans will appreciate this ad among the attacks and negativity populating the airwaves from other candidates.”

This ad reminds me of why many conservatives love Steve King.  He’s a fighter.  He did not go to Washington seeking power and a position for himself, but to represent Iowans with conservative, common sense values.  Frankly it is refreshing to see an ad like this when so many other Republican ads running in the state during this general election cycle take on more a centrist or biographical tone.

King’s ad plays on moderate Republicans and liberals chief complaint – he ruffles feathers.

Here is the transcript of the ad.

“He might be the only good thing left in Washington.  Steve King, cause he’s Iowa. Outspoken, consistent, true to his roots, impossible to intimidate. Tells us Obamacare is a disaster; debt could crush America’s future, that we’ve lost control of our borders. And, he’s right. Yes, Steve King ruffles feathers. But, doesn’t Washington need a ruffle or two?”

Yes Washington does need a ruffle or two.  You can watch the ad below.

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