The Upside-Down House in Trassenheide, Germany
Photo credit: backkratze (CC-By-2.0)

The Upside-Down House in Trassenheide, Germany Photo credit: backkratze (CC-By-2.0)
The Upside-Down House in Trassenheide, Germany
Photo credit: backkratze (CC-By-2.0)

Just looking at the culture we live in is getting pretty scary. A woman with a terminal disease has decided to kill herself. That is celebrated. Some guy comes out and announces to world that he’s gay, and that’s celebrated. Even these insane transgender bathroom laws are celebrated by some. Meanwhile, a student is sent home from school because the student is wearing a t-shirt with an American flag on it. It’s offensive, apparently. Anything remotely Christian? Well, maybe you can celebrate that, just be sure to keep it to yourself. In short, I’ve grown weary of everything being turned upside down, and it’s at times like these it’s comforting to know that the Kingdom of God is not of this world.

This is Brian Myers of Caffeinated Thoughts Radio with your Caffeinated Thought of the Day.

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1 comment

    Regarding the “insane transgender bathroom laws” that you speak of … how do you think we should accommodate transgender persons when it comes to public restrooms?

    As far as I can tell there are two reasonable alternatives:

    1: Make ALL public restrooms gender-neutral. No more urinals mounted on the wall. Private stalls for everyone. After all, we all sound the same when we’re urinating or taking a dump.

    2: Provide a private “third option” for people who are transgender, pee-shy, or whatever.

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