Alright – time to wrap it up – Shane will be back at it tomorrow – what an amazing night it was though!  Historic and record-breaking in so many ways! Thanks for sharing it with me!

11:55p – Personhood amendment fails in Colorado but Illinois voters say yes to raising the minimum wage to $10.00/hr.

11:41p – Unbelievable – Virginia remains incredibly close – way too close to call.  Colorado Governor’s race also too close to call – Republican Beauprez has a slight lead at this point.  Huge swing though in Colorado’s Senate race with a Republican victory!

11:34 – Just called – Brownback wins the Governor’s race in Kansas – another huge win for Republicans.

11:29p – Just called – Maryland’s Governor race turns red – Larry Hogan beats Anthony Brown in “a shocking turn of events”.

11:26 – Republican Rod Blum wins U.S. Rep District 1 race in Iowa!

11:23p – Ted Cruz – “the people have spoken resoundingly clearly”  – current Senate numbers with projected wins are D – 45, R – 52

11:18p – Branstad becomes longest-serving Governor in United States history – historic win for him!   “I am public servant and I take that responsibility seriously”

11:17p – Iowa Legislature – Iowa Senate remains in Democratic control.

11:15p – Current Secretary of State Matt Schultz will become Madison County Attorney beating the incumbent there.

11:09p – Braley concedes – “There are a lot of disappointed people tonight including me.”  “we have the freedom to be disappointed in America.”  “This is not a bad day for Bruce Braley…this is a day to celebrate what people can do together when they put their mind to it, they work hard and they try to change what people think about their government and their future.”

11:03p – David Young victory speech:  “Never count out a kid from Van Meter!”

11:00p –  Senator Grassley introducing David Young for his victory speech (U.S. House District 3)!

10:58p – “Historic night for Joni Ernst” – first female Senator from Iowa!  Congrats to her!

10:55p – KCCI commentators point out that the Senate goes to the Republicans but they don’t have a veto-proof or filibuster proof margin.

10:48p – Massachusetts Governor’s race is being called for the Republicans – HUGE win for the Republicans in a very blue state!

10:43p – “We are headed for Washington and we are going to make them squeal!”

10:41p – Joni Ernst takes the stage – Braley conceded to her minutes ago.  “We didn’t agree on much but I do admire anyone who is willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in.”

10:40p – In Iowa, Lt. Governor Reynolds introducing Senator-Elect Joni Ernst for her victory speech!  Assumption that Braley has called her and conceded.

10:38p – Major news outlets like CBS calling the race for Joni Ernst.  Congratulations Senator-Elect Ernst – go get ’em!

10:35p – Dennis Goldford on KCCI opining that these results indicate Democrats are disappointed in this President.

10:31p – FOX News is now projecting Ernst as winner in Iowa’s Senate race – this will give control of the Senate to the Republicans.

10:30p – Joni Ernst surges to 50% – Braley falls to 46% – Ernst is the projected winner.  THIS IS HUGE!!!

10:30p – At David Young headquarters, “Just waiting for AP to call the race.”  They are confident this will be a Young victory.

10:19p – Rep. Steve King holds his sleeping grandbaby while he thanks his supporters and claims his victory!

10:17p – In Iowa:  U.S. Rep Dist 3 Race – Young and Appel are neck and neck – Young currently ahead by just a small margin.

10:12p – For the first time in history – 100 women are in the U.S. House – congratulations to them!

10:11p – RGA Congratulates Branstad on his win –

“Just as he has throughout his time in the statehouse, Governor Terry Branstad demonstrated in this race that he is a true reformer who cares deeply about Iowa, its people and its future,” said RGA Chairman Chris Christie. “Governor Branstad convincingly secured a historic sixth term for a reason: his leadership works. The Republican Governors Association is proud to congratulate Governor Branstad on his re-election.”

10:07p – In New Hampshire Senate race – Shaheen has about 6,000 more votes but Scott Brown is not conceding.

10:02p – Projected Democratic Senate race winners in Hawaii and Oregon and a Republican win in Idaho.  Democrats are at 45 seats and Republicans are at 50.  Brown wins the Governor’s race in California and the Georgia Governor’s race is projected for Republicans.

10:00p – Polls closing in many states.  Georgia Senate race just called for Republicans – Perdue wins!

9:58p – 417 precincts reporting in Iowa – Ernst has significantly closed the gap with 47% to Braley’s 49% right now.

9:53 – Virginia Senate race – 48.7% to 48.5% – no one saw this coming.

9:48p – With 51% reporting in Kansas – the projected winner is Republican Roberts – this makes a net gain of 6 in the Senate a huge possibility.  Also, Brown in New Hampshire is not conceding – believes their are votes still out there.

9:46p – 99 precincts reporting in Iowa – Ernst closing gap.

9:43p – Projected win for Republicans in Arizona’s Governor race.

9:41p – Michigan Governor’s race being called for Republicans.  Big wins for Republicans in Michigan and Wisconsin!

9:37p – New Mexico being called for the Democrats in the Senate race.

9:26p – Virginia Senate race still too close to call.  Very surprising!

9:25p – Technical difficulties fixed!  We are back!

9:02p  They are calling Iowa for Governor Branstad and he is now setting records for terms served.  Congrats to him and his team! Montana just called for Republicans.  Net gain of five! cvh

9:00p – Polls closed in Iowa.  It’s about to get exciting up in here!

8:54p They are calling Colorado for the Republicans – Gardner over Udall with 62% reporting.  This gives

Republicans a net gain of four seats.  Six needed to turn gain control.

8:51p – Tom Cotton defeated incumbent Senator Mark Pryor in Arkansas’ U.S. Senate race.

Hello world – this is Cheryl, filling in for Shane.   Let’s get this party started.  I have a large supply of Diet Coke and chocolate; I am ready!

Starting at 9:00p tonight we will provide a live-blog as election results from Iowa and across the nation come in.  Be sure to check back!  Hit refresh to catch the latest updates.

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