bobby-jindal-wdm(West Des Moines, IA) Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) gave a brief press avail prior to the Polk County Republicans’ Holiday Party at the West Des Moines Marriott.  He was asked about former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL) announcement yesterday that he was “seriously exploring” running for President in 2016.

“I have said before that anyone is thinking about running, and seriously thinking getting into this election I hope that seriously consider doing so,” Jindal said.  “The more choices for the voters the better.  I hope the voters get a chance to vote for somebody instead of voting against somebody.”

He said when it comes to Bush.  “I happen to like Governors…. I think governors have more executive experience.  They have more practical experience.  The reality is we have a President today who hadn’t run anything before he was elected President of the United States and it shows.”

On issues like Common Core and immigration reform he said Bush will have the opportunity to make his case, as will other candidates and he hopes voters have lots of choices.  He said that he disagrees with Bush on Common Core.  Jindal said its likely that other candidates will disagree with him on a number of issues if he runs as well like his opposition to Common Core, amnesty and his refusal to expand Medicaid.

He did say that voters are looking for big changes like repealing Obamacare and balancing the budget.

“It is my sense that voters are not looking for incremental change.  They are looking for big change.  Voters right now are very frustrated with President Obama and the left, however those same voters with the Republican Party if they don’t see big change from their elected leaders.  They have given the Republican Party a chance to lead, if they don’t do that those same voters will be just as frustrated with the Republicans,” Jindal added.

He wants voters to have a chance to hash these issues out.

“What I am absolutely opposed to is the idea that party insiders, the party establishment, donors, anybody other than voters picking our candidates, picking our nominees for us.  Picking our leaders for us.  I think it is a healthy thing to have a debate on a range of views,” Jindal said. “When I say I don’t want people like the establishment picking our nominee what I mean is folks like donors, and folks in DC, I’m talking about anybody who thinks anybody other than the voters.”

He reiterated that the nomination process should be an open contest where the voters get to decide.

“Some folks have suggested ‘well you don’t want to have a lot of candidates fighting each other or debating each other it might be messy if they end up disagreeing.’  Democracy is messy, that’s the way it was intended to be and it is better than all of the alternatives as Churchill famously said.  What we don’t need is some super smart committee getting behind closed doors and saying they are going to our leaders for us, our nominee for us, our candidates for us.  We don’t need that, and you’ve heard some folks in the Republican Party, some voices saying, ‘well you need to clear the field,’ you don’t need to have as many debates, you don’t need to have an open and honest exchange of ideas.  I think it is nonsense.  I think the more people who want to run, the better for the party, the better for the voters.  I think ultimately it will strengthen our nominee.  I think it will ultimately make them a better candidates and better President as well,” Jindal stated.

You watch watch the video of the press avail here or below.

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