Gov. Jindal with Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad during Iowa GOP State Convention
Not a picture from tonight.  This is one I snapped this summer.  Gov. Jindal with Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad during Iowa GOP State Convention

Another event, another live blog.  I will be live blogging from the Marriott in West Des Moines, IA as Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) is a headliner for the Polk County Republican Holiday Party tonight.  The program is set to kick off at 7:00p.  The doors open at 6:00p, I’ll start sometime in between.  Probably after 6:30p.  The most recent update, as always, will be at the top.  Be sure to refresh your browser for updates and leave comments.  In case you missed it, be sure to catch our interview with Bobby Jindal on Caffeinated Thoughts Radio last weekend.  I also had the opportunity to interview him this summer as well.

8:33p – Ending with a pledge challenge.  I’ll take time to thank you for following along.  This live blog is a wrap.

8:32p – Jindal: Remember at Christmas that at the end of the day it is a birthday celebration.

8:28p – Jindal: wrapping up with a story about his family at Christmas.

8:27p – Jindal: The American people want change, and if Republicans don’t deliver they will get the boot as well (paraphrase).

8:26p – Jindal: We are not called to be the party of no, but we are also not called to be the second liberal party.  We are called to be a principled conservative party.

8:24p – Jindal: He thought is was odd about how President Obama spoke out against the persecution of Christians worldwide during a recent prayer breakfast, but he isn’t concerned about what his policies are doing at home.

8:23p – Jindal: I’m tired of the hypocrisy of the left who are “tolerant” of everybody except for those who disagree with them.

8:22p – Jindal: Said you can’t have free speech or the right to associate without religious liberty.

8:21p – Jindal: Religious liberty is being able to live your life according to your faith 24/7.  He said Obama is trying to relegate it to a freedom of worship.  “Religious liberty created the United States of America.”

8:19p – Jindal: Look at the reading list, don’t buy what advocates are telling you.  You can be for standards, you can be for rigor, without a federal takeover of curriculum.

8:18p – Jindal is hammering on Common Core math.

8:17p – Jindal brings up his lawsuit against the Federal government over Common Core.   Applause.

8:16p – Jindal is going through Obama’s dirty laundry list… “Over the last six years we have seen abuses and growth that we couldn’t even imagine six years ago.”

8:15p – Jindal: I had to apologize to Jimmy Carter because at least he beleived in American exceptionalism.

8:13p – Jindal: Louisiana cut budget by over 25%,  cut the number of state workers, increased private development, and introduced universal school choice.

8:12p – Jindal: The reason why this is because of our founders’ vision of limited government where they understood the government’s role is to secure our God-given rights, not create those rights.

8:11p – Jindal: We are blessed to be in the greatest country in the history world.

8:10p – Jindal: My dad told me with a great education you can accomplish anything.

8:04p – Jindal’s third child was born at home, he helped her give birth.  He said we should thank God that women give birth and not men.  He said when that child was born he fell in love with his wife all over again.

8:02p – Jindal is sharing the story about his parents immigrating to the U.S.  He said the came for freedom and opportunity.  His dad didn’t come for a government handout, he came for a job.

8:01p – Jindal: What do we have to do to restore the American Dream?

8:00p – Jindal said that Obama’s American Dream is government dependance.  He wants us to make us more and more like Europe.

7:58p – Jindal is going after the Obama administration… his foreign policy, his mishandling of our relationship with Israel, and the different scandals.

7:57p – Jindal: Liberals don’t think we are smart enough to live our lives.

7:56p – Jindal said he is thrilled that there are 31 Republican governors, a historic majority in the House, Harry Reid no longer is the Senate Majority Leader, etc.

7:55p – Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) is up to bring the keynote.  We are getting through the agenda pretty quickly.

7:52p – Polk County GOP Co-Chair Sherill Whisenand introduced him as the “smartest man in the room.”  He’s probably the only Rhodes scholar in the room for sure.

7:50p – Nunn’s HD has always swung Democrat.  Great GOTV efforts, and Republicans won Altoona for the first time ever and did so by over 3o points.

7:48p – Nunn is a polished speaker, and has an impressive resume both educationally and with his military service.  I can see him running for higher office.

7:47p – Nunn is highlighting the county party’s work in his race.

7:46p – State Representative-Elect Zach Nunn (R-Altoona) is speaking, he defeated his incumbent opponent by 12 points in House District 30.

7:44p – Kaufmann notes that the first female House Majority Leader, first female State Auditor, and first female U.S. Senator are Republicans.  “If you want to break through the glass ceiling, look to Republicans.”

7:41p – Just a note, tonight’s Polk County Republican Holiday Party is being held in Dallas County… I find that rather humorous.  Also I get the exciting opportunity to watch other people eat.  It smells awesome too.  The things I do for you our dear readers.

7:40p – Iowa GOP Chair Jeff Kaufmann – “There are some bright spots across this state in terms of county parties.”

7:39p – Polk Co. GOP Chair Will Rogers noted that the Secretary of State’s race was on of the toughest.  There was a lot of out-of-state money that poured into the state.

7:37p – State Auditor Mary Mosiman – there was momentum everywhere our candidates went.  Mosiman thanked Polk County because she did win Polk County.

7:35p – Young said his office is 515 Canon Congressional Office Building… the 515 should be easy to remember.

7:34p – Young – I want local control of education, secure border, balanced budgets and a new respect for the Constitution and the rule of law.

7:33p – Young reads his “do not want list”: Amnesty, Common Core, higher taxes, Cromnibus, Cap and Trade, and Obama executive orders.

7:31p – Young said over 20,000 doors knocked in Polk County and they won 15 out of the 16 counties in the Iowa 3rd Congressional District.

7:30p – Congressman-Elect David Young was introduced to a standing ovation.

7:29p – Hagenow said there are a lot of quality leaders within the newly elected Representatives such as Zach Nunn in HD 30.

7:27p – State Represenatative Chris Hagenow (R-Windsor Heights) reports that the House Republicans grew their majority to 57 seats.  Looking to lower tax burden and balance the budget.

7:26p – One of the top priorities for Senate Republicans Whitver said is income tax relief.

7:23p – State Senator Jack Whitver (R-Ankeny) spoke.  “Tonight there is a lot ot celebrate…. Even though we were unable to win the Iowa Senate we did see some success, but picking off a 12-year incumbent (Daryl Beall) and winning in two districts that had a Democratic advantage.

7:21p – Secretary of State-Elect Paul Pate was unable to attend due to catching the flu.  U.S. Senator-Elect Joni Ernst was unable to attend, and had her state director give a message on her behalf.  She is currently traveling in Israel.

7:15p – Gov. Jindal gave a press avail.  He was asked about Jeb Bush announcing that he was seriously exploring running for President.  In a nutshell, he said he wants a lot of people to run so voters can vote for somebody, not against someone.  He made it clear that he did not want party insiders to choose and try to clear the board.  He said should he run (and he’ll make his decision sometime after the holidays) that there will differences between he and Bush on issues like Common Core, amnesty, etc.

6:37p – There will be a press avail with Gov. Jindal at 6:45p, so I will be heading to that.  Not much happening at the moment.  The guests have not been allowed to come in yet so they are mingling outside.

6:26p – Here a little early.  They are not letting everyone in, but press is in to get set up. They sold 150 tickets to this, but this is what we would call an intimate affair for an event with a prospective presidential candidate.


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