2014-SOTUHere is some of the initial response from Iowa Republicans to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address and U.S. Senator Joni Ernst’s remarks.

“The President gave us exactly what we expected this evening: A partisan screed clothed in bipartisan pablum. Rather than fulfill his pledge to work with the new Republican Congress, the President resorted to veto threats and fantasy proposals. The President must take the opportunity these next two years to find common ground with Republicans and put this country back on track,” Iowa GOP Chair Jeff Kaufmann said in a released statement.

“Tonight Senator Ernst started a positive conversation about how Congress can help create more jobs and enhance opportunity for all Americans. She is a mother, soldier, and now a fantastic Senator from the state of Iowa. Senator Ernst is also the first Iowan in history to individually deliver the Republican address after a State of the Union. I am beyond proud that Senator Ernst earned this honor, and I look forward to working with her to move Iowa and America forward,” he added.

Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) released a video with his reaction:

 Congressman Rod Blum (R-Iowa) released the following statement after the speech.

Tonight it was an honor to attend the State of the Union address, and I was glad to hear President Obama focus on improving the economic situation for working families: I agree that we must do better to foster an environment that provides opportunity for all Americans. The reality is that middle class families are still struggling under the policies of the last six years, and voters made it clear in November that a new direction is needed.

I absolutely agree with the President that we need to close unfair loopholes and reduce the tax burden on the middle class. Letting hard working Americans keep more of their money will stimulate economic growth and increase financial security for our families. But paying for this welcome tax relief by raising other taxes is not the answer. Let’s increase our tax base through higher wages and more jobs while cutting wasteful spending that both parties agree is unnecessary.

The President also spoke about trade agreements tonight, and I see this as an area where bipartisan cooperation is achievable. Opening up new markets for American products will be a boon not only in Iowa, but all across our country. We also need to eliminate the harmful red tape that stifles our small businesses and encourage domestic energy development, two initiatives that the House has taken up already in the new Congress, but that have unfortunately drawn only veto threats from the Administration.

Overall, I was glad to hear the President express a willingness to work with Congress to move our country forward, but his choice to begin this Congress with multiple veto threats makes me skeptical. House Republicans are willing to come to the table at any time to collaborate on a common sense agenda that helps reignite the economy, and I sincerely hope the President will join with us.

“The President is intent on playing politics in his final two years in office rather than working with Congress to find solutions. Like many Iowans, I am deeply disappointed.  He needs to roll up his sleeves and get to work on behalf of the country.  We know there is common ground between the two parties. The House has already passed bipartisan bills to expand domestic energy infrastructure, reign in out of control regulations, and save certain workers who have seen their hours slashed because of Obamacare. I hoped the President would have focused on these areas to grow the economy and wages for our hardworking families. Instead, we heard the same calls to raise taxes and increase spending that we have heard for the past six years,” Congressman David Young (R-Iowa) said in a released statement.

“I believe Iowa’s Third District sent me to Washington to work with my colleagues to find solutions. Iowans work together every day, Americans work together every day, and I believe the President can and should work together with Congress to help move the country forward,” Young added.

“Senator Ernst eloquently spoke for conservative values this evening, demonstrating for America what we in Iowa have seen for months. She is in Washington to do the hard work necessary to spur job creation, and we couldn’t be more proud of Senator Ernst,” Iowa GOP Co-Chair Cody Hoefert said in a released statement.

“President Obama, however, seems to be out of ideas after six years of failed leadership. Rather than live up to his own lofty rhetoric, he has obstructed the will of the people, added $8 trillion to our debt, and now proposes to tax his way out of trouble. The President should heed the warning sent by voters in November and work with Republicans in Congress to create a more efficient government,” Hoefert added.

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