Rod-BlumToday Congressman Rod Blum (R-IA), who represents Iowa’s First Congressional District, released the following statement regarding why he voted against Speaker John Boehner’s re-election.  Boehner won reelection to a third term.

I was elected by Iowans to stand up to the status quo in Washington, DC, and I refuse to turn my back on them with my first vote. While I know Speaker Boehner is a good man and I respect the job he has done as Speaker, I must follow the will of the Eastern Iowans who rejected politics as usual in November and are calling for change in DC. With Congressional approval ratings at historic lows, it’s time for our elected officials to listen to the people and rethink business as usual so we can move our country forward together.

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  1. It will help Blum. The Ethanol, Wind and Ag Lobby hate Boehner. Iowa Democrat voters and independent voters don’t get excited over amnesty for illegal aliens.

    King’s position to put Americans first for jobs is more moderate than Boehner who thinks we should hire illegals if it saves a penny.

    Great kingmaking by Steve King. The presidential candidates will come to town and attack Boehner as being impotent.

  2. thank you for voting for Iowa but especially for the American People. You did what we sent you to DC for…to stop this political BS. to stand up for us in the tax payer world…..maybe to get a traitor out of the white house.
    but sadly to say the republican’s have just sealed the 2016 presidential election to the democrats….why or oh no they haven’t remark……think about it. republicans are wishy washy fickle as some would say….you piss us off and we go away, either by not voting, by voting for an independent or democrat. we are not loyal to a loosing team….we give you time to correct it but in the long run we are done with the republican so we will have a third party… you and I know what that will do…..ensure the democrat’s will win….so thanks to your buddies for that….for loosing once more because of stupidity….and I say we should have a major “recall” for those that we just put in office….maybe that will send a message. or maybe not. but they have just sealed the 2016 white house to another democrat and this country is done… done with the republicans. im over their lies and BS talk about wanting to do what’s right because they had their chance and they blew it big time….please pass that on to your political buddies and tell them for me “thank you for screwing up America for my Grand Children” and for yours and theirs…

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