Throwback: We like to have fun in the studio.
Photo credit: Chris Rohloff
We like to have fun in the studio. Photo credit: Chris Rohloff
We like to have fun in the studio.
Photo credit: Chris Rohloff

Shane Vander Hart and Brian Myers discuss education savings accounts with Eric Goranson who represents the Iowa Association of Christian Schools.  The Iowa Legislature is considering this option with one bill making it out of subcommittee.

The guys also discuss Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s watershed speech before a joint session of Congress about the threat that Iran and militant Islam poses not only to Israel, but to the United States as well.

Also Hillary loves her personal emails… so much so she had her own private server on which she conducted State Department business.  Much of the Ferguson protest centered around a narrative which Attorney General Eric Holder confirmed was false.  Plus one town in Florida wants to make churches apply for business licenses.

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