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Flip Wilson, a popular comedian and actor in the 1970s, popularized the phrase, “The Devil Made Me Do It.” He wove this theme into several of his routines, especially ones of Geraldine. In a famous one of them, “The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress,” she blamed the devil for the purchase of a dress.

Even today, people use this phrase to excuse their divergent behavior. They blame some force, the devil, compelled their behavior, rejecting any responsibility or guilt for it.

Recently, a new twist arose to replace it: “God made me this way.” It carries a double benefit for the user: it deflects blame from the person and places it upon the ultimate authority, God.

The homosexual community champions their cause with this phrase. They call it orientation.


The progress of recent science, they say, gives rise to a new classification of humans. Homosexuals cannot help themselves, proponents state. They have a physically inherited condition, called orientation, which causes them to manifest same sex desires.

The LBGTQ (1) people describe their behavior this way, “God made me this way.” Thus, they attempt to overcome Biblical references opposing their conduct and legitimize their homosexual lifestyle. They expand their explanation to include a biological source for their way of life.

Despite continued efforts, however, no legitimate scientific discovery confirms the claims of a “gay gene.” In fact, numerous studies reveal no existence of a “gay gene.” These studies reveal a host of factors that could influence a person to homosexual behavior. However, research has not yet found a “gay gene.” (2)

As we all know, genes direct many physical manifestations in our bodies: eye color, height, color of skin, and a multitude of other features. Many gene anomalies cause birth defects, e.g., Toy-Sachs disease, Angelman Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Sickle Cell Anemia, and a long list of other defects.

Whether the genes produce normal or abnormal effects, they do not determine ethical behavior. No “gay gene” forces particular sexual behavior. (3) Even if scientists discover some physical factor that influences one to experience same sex desires, the force of Biblical references to homosexuality remains unchanged.

Every person on earth experiences the “uncontrollable” urge for sin(s) that plague them. Rapists, murderers, thieves, and adulterers, to name only a few sins, describe their behavior in the same fashion as homosexuals: uncontrollable urges that compel their behaviors.

Simply stated, the LBGTQ community cannot overcome the Bible’s position against their behavior with a physical explanation that science discovered since the time of the Bible’s writing. An uncontrollable physical, emotional urge does not legitimize any behavior. Nor does it prevail over the directions of God’s commands.

Rejection of Biblical texts

For example, in their attempt to overturn verses in Leviticus, homosexuals reject the meaning of the practices described there as applicable to them. (4) They claim these references depict the behavior of cultic temple prostitutes.

Further, they say it includes pederasty. Or, they claim it refers to violent homosexual patterns existent solely in those days. In any event, the LBGTQ people assert these verses do not describe their behavior: loving, consensual same sex relationships. 

Practices in society

Contrary to these conclusions, the peoples of the era of Leviticus practiced the same kinds of homosexual practices prevalent today. In fact, research from non-Biblical sources describes the prevalence of homosexuality in that time. 

Middle Assyrians, Egyptians, Canaanites, Mesopotamians, and inhabitants of the ancient near east indulged in same sex behavior without restrictions. They had “gay parades” similar to those present in our day, even having cross-dressing males portraying childbirth.

Like today, their homosexual practices included “loving, consensual, faithful relationships between same sex partners,” a preview of same sex marriage in our day. Society of that day included open, free homosexual behavior without legal restraint. Societies of that day accepted it. (5)

Therefore, homosexuals have drawn false conclusions regarding the era of Leviticus 18.22 and 20.13. Sadly, the same sex preferences exhibited by many today mimic the behavior of ancient days. The exclusion of these texts by the homosexual community fails to dismiss the present relevance of the texts. Factual evidence contradicts their conclusions. 

Rejection of Archaic laws

In a final attempt to refute the commands of Leviticus 18.22 and 20.13, the LBGTQ community rejects them with the claim that these decrees applied only to a bygone era. They combine this opinion with a previously discredited claim that this early society did not understand same sex behavior as the currently understood sexual orientation. 

They claim that these laws have no more application presently than do the ancient food and clothing laws required by God of Israel in that era. Since the New Testament does not repeat these “silly” laws, therefore, as their logic concludes, these laws against homosexuality no longer apply to our day either.

To follow this logic, then, the other laws against sexual immorality mentioned in the context of these verses would also disappear. They forbid heterosexual immorality of all types, bestiality, and incest. The emphasis upon the legitimacy of homosexuality has encouraged an increase in these awful practices, which rely upon these same arguments.

Ignorance of God’s ways

To make these claims shows a complete misunderstanding of God and his ways with Israel. God as supreme lawgiver did give a multitude of laws. They covered a variety of aspects of Israel’s society at that time. For example, he gave them purity laws, e. g., the so called “silly” laws regarding clean and unclean foods, land and sea creatures, illnesses, others.

At first glance, they appear foolish. However, God had a reason for requiring them. He taught Israel that a difference exists between clean and unclean behavior. Additionally, he taught them that, because of his holiness, the Israelites could not approach him in an unclean fashion. He required personal purity from those who desired fellowship with him. In addition, God gave some of these restrictions for health protection. 

To direct their worship of him, God established a series of ceremonial laws. These laws governed Israel’s worship of God. He outlined offerings appropriate for various sins. The laws, which governed these offerings, described sacrifices the people could present to God to atone for their sins.

Further laws provided direction on punishments appropriate to the violation of God’s laws. Some of the laws, civil laws, gave guidance to Israel for their society. They promoted justice and equity.

One set of laws includes the texts from Leviticus 18.22 and 20.13. These commands fit in the moral laws of God, sometimes called the Holiness Code. In Exodus 20, God outlined the moral laws that he demanded of Israel. 

Subsequently, he revealed further explanation and application of these laws. The commands stated in Leviticus further amplify parts the moral laws from Exodus 20.

To a certain extent, the homosexual community rightly explains that some of these laws no longer apply. For example, the purity laws, i. e., food, clothing, animals, etc., no longer apply. God no longer defines certain things as unclean. (See God’s vision to Peter recorded in Acts 10.9-16 where God redefined this distinction.)

God provided a means by which sinners can approach him in holiness: through his son Jesus Christ. Jesus offered himself as an atoning sacrifice to God on behalf of sinners like you and me. Jesus calls men and women from every society and nation to come to him in faith for cleansing from their sins that his sacrifice provides. 

Everyone who trusts Christ when he calls them by his Holy Spirit receives his promise. God accepts as clean everyone who comes to him through faith in Jesus, because of what Christ’s sacrifice accomplished on their behalf. The sacrifice of Christ renders the purity laws obsolete. 

Cancellation of Laws

The societal laws no longer apply. God does not deal solely with Israel nor society as outlined in the Old Testament. 

The ceremonial laws’ ceased, too. The book of Hebrews as well as parts of the Gospels in the New Testament describe in full detail how Jesus Christ fulfilled the Old Testament ceremonial laws in his life, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension. 

However, God has not cancelled the holiness code. The New Testament repeats them, some with more complete explanation than revealed in the Old Testament. God still requires that humanity obey them, including the laws stated in Leviticus 18.22 and 20.13. You can find these specific offenses repeated in the Gospels, Romans, Paul’s letters to the Church at Corinth, and other places. 

Contrary to the LBGTQ interpretations, the commands issued in Leviticus 18.22 and 20.13 still apply today. 


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