pulse-1017Over four years ago, KTIA (Truth 99.3), KPUL (Pulse 99.5), and Iowa Public Radio began discussions with the FCC on a proposal to move KTIA’s tower from Boone to Huxley, change Pulse 99.5FM to Pulse 101.7FM, and move Iowa Public Radio’s 101.7FM frequency to 97.7FM.

With a target date the week of April 13, KPUL and Iowa Public Radio will be making their frequency changes, paving the way for KTIA to work on their move. Three stations making frequency changes like this is uncommon, and we are excited about what it means for our station’s reach in the Des Moines market.

“The only substantive thing that is changing at Pulse is our frequency. Our listeners can expect the same staff, positive music, the same mission,” says Pulse 99.5FM’s Program Director Rachel Leigh. “We are hoping for some improvement in signal quality across central Iowa and we are utilizing this opportunity to upgrade equipment and improve other areas of our on-air sound. We think our listeners will love it!”

Pulse 99.5FM was the first Christian all-music station in the metro, going on the air as “Q99.5” in March of 1994 and rebranding as Pulse 99.5 in 2008. 21 years later, Pulse 99.5FM is still the metro’s leader in culturally relevant, Top 40 positive music that the whole family can listen to together.

Pulse 99.5FM has posted some answers to frequently asked questions on our FAQ page on its website – http://pulse995.com/faq

Editor’s note: Caffeinated Thoughts Radio can be heard on the KTIA, The Truth Network, 99.3 FM.  What the move means for us is a shift of our listening area to the south encompassing all of the Des Moines Metro area with a strong signal picking up many more potential listeners.


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